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Sunday, February 26th


Sue Hall Speaks with Tracy Porras, Director of Communications for Taste Of The Bay, A fundraiser for San Francisco State's Hospitality, Tourism and Management Department. http://cob.sfsu.edu/tasteofthebay/ March 16, 2017

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Good morning this is today's world my name is sue hall and just remind you can listen to the show and others at today's world SF dot com. If you want to hear cash she knows or additional again or if you have show ideas please visit us at today's world SF dot com today for the next fifteen minutes of talking to Tracy poorest. Tracy is the communications director for taste of the bay at San Francisco State University welcome. Thinking it thank you for having me what is tasted today. Movement that is that they assisted him and our organization and basically it's a group of fifteen islands for. San Francisco scene of Tracie Lee cost time and Jerry's. And we've put together this fundraiser to raise money flies to and scholarships program means aren't professional development opportunities. And it's just a really great event that we have at the end is here is they're trying to anniversary so really excited. So there's quite a history here is it held it's different just the state. Yeah it's actually at the magic in downtown Tim Scott nice. And tasted the base so is that what it sounds food and wine appeared in exactly so I gonna have open to wind rain is brewery is some non alcoholic beverages. You know companies that selling coconut water line and different cases. And then we have a ton of restaurants that are from the Marietta and tan. And just showcase that they have it's really going opportune needed. China but two different things on 1 spot and what am. What does the many go to the right he's had some scholarships and they had settled and scholarships and it just really helps I am dangerous so. We actually have finding restaurant on campus a lot of it goes to that. Casino. Food constant. I also like the shafts instant standing. Helps comes and development means for them. Ask us at some that means and how many do you sit fifteen on your committee about so we have. It kind of very is that we're only adding some some action house here and there and then of course we're gonna have a Tynan volunteers from Miami to and they really how bout and just. Providing up to the vendors and hanging him lasting and just getting everything going that's actually gone in. It's march 16 sixteenth at the met tree on this case so let's get that real clear and there is a website tasted that they SF dot com yes correct okay great. So Tracy is the communications director and tell me about your major. That's difference is the state so I am a hostile audience as a means and the music it can go a lot of lean is and she's very bank. A lot of fans students running into event planning but there's also efficient management says that command there. Science. In and it is clearly rests on manages her town of and it goes as far as airlines. Practice. The motioning sounds like fun I had a lot of stuff and opens a lot of upper teens stress what what's your specific goal. I'm learning and and then from then plan yet I am average and do you. And carpet events than I am looking to her music events and and stuff like that. Charitable event yet let Tim definitely. Now that you've got this one under start sort of an ear about. Can we talk a little bit about what kinds of foods and lines and no evidence. My idea of a few banners and and fans which is cool. At sea and the though that from the Christmas is coming at least it's my days and months and last Mayan. And has separate clan and friends but doesn't have really clock auction items. So what then another really cool ones is going to be a chip to Marion it's included with this day of the Ritz counting Boone. Yeah that sounds really cool. Some prairies at a going to be an area of blood in me says SS through me has been paying burying. CNN dot com. I'm not is is taste of the day put on by Sampras is the state kids students have pensions they kids as students in the hospitality restaurant management said department. Pretty cool now I am how long does it take you organize events like this. Originally it should only take about six them and say they give us but this Syria element on America's least that's the day sell. We have originally held in November this is our first year holding in my X so are really excited to see the outcome. Hopefully king you know really stressed that the next time and how have what are the price of tickets and how can people get tickets so that take his serve very. Right now we have a couple of deals around like a two for Lendale believe it's two for 85 if you go to gilts. Dot com ire in this and then it up out and assess damage and then a daily can also buy them on is and praying. I just look at taste of the band Cindy writes in a mean or are so tired. School web pages is. If you just go to the as a statement the agency guarantees that they can. Xmas so I didn't put it in taste of the band got its India event bright page. And it's talking about making the difference in the lives of people in your program a portion of each ticket. A benefit the program a significant 600 students from all walks of life in the hotel management in that would it is HDM yet. And tell management department San Francisco State the largest of its time in northern California. And they've got it create a pipeline for future leaders in this particular. Adventure so this is one way that they are reaching out to the community. For help it sounds like a fun time once again it's the meant tree guy on and it's march 16 at that says Thursday night that there isn't and that is there any season 630 to nine and all kinds of different food. Yeah and down right. It discounting. And accidentally you said there's going to be juices and everything out and it's Piaf courts understood understood and it looks have a global student program as well professional development senator. It's apparently aim because we're here in San Francisco a huge tourism destination worldwide so people can get hands on experience. With domestic and international base of the global part of the whole thing that's pretty cool. And all of the funds raised for this particular activity goes to endowment of scholarships and student assistant chips that's pretty neat to. I and so let's talk about have you been to Demetriou I'm gonna have you thought about the venue a little bit that I actually was. Last year and as a as a volunteer I am just for the night. And it's a wonderful event they have. It's a really that big space. Has been out science and Marianne it's right above then I maxed the inning didn't sell. NIC is. And now and at that time assigns the option we have speakers and presentations would just yet or are we had spoke recently. And handling and believe me ask him. Rossum and everything has sentenced at at. That's OK it sounds like fun and do you have a list of some of the participating restaurants to we have that here yet finalized yet. Most of them at the house health I have a hot diamonds. You're 39 is a sponsor correction you have been. Causes some hotel. Four seasons. What does Vienna are right and the website again is SF DA. Is at least they tasted of SS stuck. Taste of the bay SF dot com my name is who how we're listening to today's world and and we're tied it Tracy par she's the communications director for this amazing evening from San Francisco State. 15 students I am sick kids again fifteen students on the committee with lots of help from other folks in the majors. I tell me about the ams and Goldstein of the goals of the other committee members I mean what was seriously or everybody just trying to get out there and learn and this is a great way 82 event. Plan need to network never knowing networking is at it as a big thing that's quiet and we encourage industry people industry leaders. To come and enjoy advance the kennel is it's a great opportunity for guys to show them we have. Been working on and on so tonight and just to get future jobs a lot of us on the meaning graduating in May sound. We're ready to it to get out bang and iron. Clinton and I do you have am chef of thanks student chefs are is it basically professional chefs that are coming to raise money it's unprofessional. And that leaves me out sightseeing Newington and then asked them to kind. And yet you have big offensive this. The big fundraiser of the year or do you have any dollar goals in mind. Last week that hunting and 40000 dying half has. And then is in England that again like to go be content OK let's also take care yeah. Sucking up. Again so you can get two can you get tickets at BM and taste it they let him buy it yet Atlantis mile saying. And there's also links on FaceBook page if you just with the tees at the man's basement. I also get hooked. Dot com has. Package DL and out as asked. We also have an uneven right and then lastly you can buy it at the time that night. Okay which will be an engine 25 cents at random by Anna had a tie break and human and how many people are you expecting. Probing. They didn't put Butler NJ 400 do you have reservations lining up already immediately bit and last year we did about five and it's and I think that that eighteen Aniston is back at Atlanta where a million. Going for 400 and howry getting the word out of around campus and of course obviously here on today's world yes and Atlantis. Advertising through radio stations and social media. My action. Is asking India and how we don't ask you don't matter I. I mean I'm well I famous former separatist estate graduate not in your department but obvious in the broadcast department and we would put on a big conference every year when I was in college too so I know what it's like to be on a committee. And to prove to him is kind of day at precursor to what you wanna do in real life and improved two year colleagues and your teachers so is this for a grade. Face to get a nine. It's just extra curriculars is something that we've been doing for you is. I got into it just because I was done I was going to say had a teacher and I sign on the ground. In having so many outflank it so machine she asked me if silent and an in place an awesome but it is a scholarship program France that are on the committee. That. The whole point of this benefit is to raise money for the hotel management. And department it gets ready to further the future your students and to act keep the apartment department I should say rolling in following. So it's Wednesday night march 16 met tree on how we're talking with Tracey Parsons student. And director of communications. Pretty cool and your resume to El. Paso that's awesome job and once again. Let's give folks that the ticket information are thinking get that information too much so it's taste taste of the day SF dot com. And an awesome and I of them ranked. And paint such as an event bank and a that taste of them. And I did just Google taste of the bay and it pops right up at like one of the top things so it's just if he can't remember any of those. It's that it pops right up. If you have if folks have dietary concerns I am too wet which they need to know to go. So we actually do is. You know the Indian vegetarian options. Then. We will have gluten free and yeah all the different okay is our best thing really wide variety of an option and food and drink are all included in the event song an awesome tickets are they tax deductible they they are they ego so. At says he can purchase your tickets in 100. The C 25 dollars for each fair market value goes towards the scholarship fund and so awesome so if you spend a hundred bucks 75 goes. Is considered tax deductible on the rest goes to cover the event. I am and it says proceeds from this event supports efforts is the state university's hospitality and tourism management program benefiting the students. That's what or about. And how neat it would we say 600 students in the program approximately. I think sound via irons. And a fondness and ask NASA says government program. Well much like the broadcast industry a lot of us here in San Francisco came out of San Francisco State and we've known each other for a long time so I imagine it's true if you go into a hotel restaurant owners we you know. Same thing if I graduated from San Francisco State do a lot of folks stick around they move on. And think just being environments is gonna La Brittany. To stand around there's so many on some places that. They denying a couple of cuts and his that they last year in the rain now evening includes live and silent auctions creative and exciting travel and dining entertainment experiences. All fundraising for the San Francisco State HTM which is hospitality tourism management students. And our proceeds benefit so once again thank you Tracy press let's give the the information website again so people can click on I am. Caution when we get the website. They click on beneficiary to that they wanna make additional Tony and some plan to demonize my sentiments it tastes are it's again that's taste of today SF dot com. Our rights for all purposes. And good luck with you you graduate in May said pointing to give any future plans. And I thank you mentioning Hawaiian and yes that's that's for gone gone differently of that and and we've seen yet and thinking any higher than last big big cuts Avant and not the best to you sounds like a lot of fun. San Francisco State tab my alma mater too so we would like to help out in anyway we can. Multi use hospitality learning center in the facility's there it's for some of these goes to teleconference classrooms. High capacity auditorium modernized restaurant lab and beverage management program. So that's pretty awesome. Demonstration and stimulation place interview group study rams technology and information resources so. In all benefits a wide variety add programs at San Francisco State taste of the bay I wish you guys the best of luck. One more time it's march 16. Met tree on San Francisco and taste of the day SF dot com Tracy. Congratulations and neglect TU in future endeavors I think he's chairman and easing out you'd like to add. And just come buy a ticket buy your ticket and I did band. And once again I'm to halt this is today's tour around San Francisco and do you are listening this is every week on. Are your favorite stations here in San Francisco if you wanna hear the issue again we encourage you to listen. I you can also listen to past shows or have show ideas. This show will live at today's world S after dot com once again we encourage ideas for future shows and that look some FaceBook to. And our live podcast as well today's world SF dot com sue Holland we will see you next weekend right here on all your San Francisco Entercom stations thanks again Tracy.