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Sunday, August 6th


Listen to Angie Carmignani from The Taylor Family Foundation talk about this years Day In The Park fundraiser at Camp Arroyo Aug, 27, 2017 with live Music by Michael Franti!

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Good morning this is today's world I'm sue hall and you just listen to this show and others. At today's world SF dot com that's where the show will live and all past shows as well. The next fifteen minutes I had the pleasure speaking with Angie coming on me who is from that Taylor Family Foundation. And this is not the first time we've had and see on the show we had that this is he what 27 annual. Yet to any seventh annual hunting in the park and it is not my first time that I think you're seeing you soon thank you Angie it's always great to have you back in talking about what the Taylor Family Foundation doesn't specifically. We'll get into at the day in the park which is Sunday August 27 this year. 1030 to 530 and 1130 I'm sorry 113530. And when I get therapy people don't get there too early. I 1130 to 530 and let's set let's talk about that Taylor Family Foundation first in a little bit of history. He had his with Taylor and the foundation and you know I started with two people to Bay Area people burying Elaine Taylor who. Really sigh I need and wanted to fill that need which at the time in 1990. During our first decade was really about children living with and need to HIV. And what they weren't getting in life and and it really what is. Shocking to Berrian Elaine that they were being written on earth and there are over a thousand children in the Bay Area at that time being tracked. By Children's Hospital or clan. That we're not getting basics staff couldn't even afford to get to the hospital to receive their treatments and they just felt like they can make a difference and they held us mollid all queens fund raiser in their backyard and invited all their friends and anyone they knew and and off came day in the park and Eric is in just 27 years later. That our first decade we really spent just. Helping children and families whose children were living with HIV aids. And said now you've expanded beyond the backyards. He has a suspect when did debt went to the Taylor foundation Family Foundation moved in the park to camper right. Before I make time but I believe that was 1999 I could be wrong but they believe that was 1999 and that could not have been possible without. This means seemed collaboration. And partnership. With the east bay regional park district and without them and this stream could never be real as it is today. Insanity in the park with Helen act camper rail which at the time when it's nothing but a hillside so to speak. And now it's an amazing facility that sleeps on 144. Campers and has an infirmary and a di Nino and a pool and by HE archery Iraq wallop. Wrote scores typical camp staff that every child should be exposed him. And it's not just to children with HIV aids anymore it's expanded to any life threatening illness let's talk about that a little bats. He has so as we pressed our second decade. I am some pivotal moments in history were happening in line was. Research and development was making huge strides with and HIV aids and it affected our children in a great way. And two we were watching children ancient grow up and get older and yes of course we buried. Quite a few more than what we should have. But they weren't getting older and aging out of the program so by the time we don't can't afford them. We just didn't have enough children to serve who are living with HIV aids so. We decided to open up our mission to I'll children who were terminally ill critically ill chronically ill and disabled youth at risk. And offer and camping experiences to them at. In charge. What is your exact title Angie I'm the executive director. How thick and Carmen Yani and executive director of the Taylor Family Foundation in their big fund raiser day in the park is happening Sunday. August 27 and you mentioned some of the camps let's talk about those kids. How many at one time he had a 1474444. At bats with full medical facilities and this day I have attended for him I went missing may be fifteen years I think are close to it and been a part of it ends. It is a real special. Tiered jerky and kind of day needy children come out. And they greets the king Indians didn't. People that are coming to the day in the park and then the wonderful people who raise money and incredible amounts of money I've never seen anything like it. As far as the generosity. Of those attending. I've been in the evolved a lot of fund raisers that we're talking over a period of five or six hours you know. Lots of millions of dollars and now goes to fund this camp that that that the children and parents don't have to pay a cent. To attend to he and that's correct in just am list mean he described in a park day I get goosebumps yeah is. A very special day for us a very special day for the campers and everyone we served. And in it is because of the volunteers. It is because of the donors that come out in every one in that moment in one day. Pulls together sends out all the stops and we've we raise what we need to continue to survive and and serve our mission is as what we had hope and liberian Elaine had admission they really envisioned that. We would be around for some time. And Barry and fortunately is no longer with says but Elaine is still very active in the Taylor family is still very active so happy to say that. And so for sure you're listening pot and if you have a child that you would love to send this camp. Let's talk about some of the various different acts he apps and and that kids in diseases and so for that day. He has so I only ask we have so many children which is a blessing and it can be quite bittersweet and they have children who live with skin disease it's a genetic disorder we asked so have crohn's colitis I BT. Of course are HIV aids campers I diabetes. We ask them children who are green penalize us of a parent or sibling. We have burned survivors. Hemophilia. Sickle cell and some term. Just you name it we've been kind of CNET walk through camp. So free for any child in need of a camping experience with other kids that are going through similar things. And there are a lot of wonderful generous people include an amount Ron Amadon is going to be there but this is forever young foundation is very much. Part of another little thing that they offer which is the music in schools program which is where parents are music and hospitals. And that past debts just taken off to. That's to his arm an amazing beautiful collaboration that we have with Stephen our young in their foundation and the forever young foundation and we love collaborating we love partnering with folks and this was one of those things that Elaine and Steve we're talking and how it unfolded Husted Taylor and the foundation being a part of Steve ember of station so peace place which is very near and dear to their heart. Sit he's place can be found in very specific hospitals the closest one to here in northern California is that senator Sacramento out. We have a mobile so fees place that sponsored by the forever young foundation and Los Fargo. And it allows assumed. Take music therapy in type hospitals that do not have a budget from music therapy and as you know. Music therapy is not covered by insurance but it definitely is something that works you know. Can you imagine being a four year old or the mother of a four year old who the father. And having to put that chapter an MRI. It's it can be true manic and the music therapy. Before and after is so helpful to the child just to relax them and comment and once child is com parents are Kern and it's just such an amazing way to see a child there procedure of any kind drilling. We're talking with antique harming Yani who is the executive director of the Taylor Family Foundation and the upcoming big annual fund raiser day in the park Sunday August 27. And all the things we've been talking about are funded by this day in the park primarily and aid it is an amazing day. Let's talk about that day it starts at 1130 food amazing chefs and you've got different shafts and different. Things to drink it eat let's hear about it. He asked that is it it is we kick it off quick and fast and we want folks to get there on time and be a part of what we collar at securing an ensemble. Which really is just fat we'd look and we search for. They're chefs to wanna be a part of our day you have amazing food that our guests would enjoy. And so we searched high and low this year. Of course seeing keep here will be back alert creek on the creek camp but it she rustic tavern to name a few. The chefs have been with us for a number of years and continued to support what we do. And of course she can't have good food without good wine and good beer. And nap my crew buries in craft breweries have taken off so. Altamont beer works eight bridges green pasta and beer they're all coming out to join us in the fun and as you eaten me Ingle and drink with friends you can also shot and I give senator. Which is also known as our silent auction. And once we wrap that up we had a right over into bidding higher for. Our kids to camp for our friend in need and straight donations that help us keep these kids come in Camden new charts. And then of course we kick the night off and ended with a wonderful performance by Michael front. T and there. And Michael fronting and spearhead our date they are at big name artists that have we plan our radio stations here in San Francisco so that in he's a local guy he. He's a local guy and we're proud to partner with him. Acting in the park he's extremely Philanthropic very give being in. You know him in his own mind is my eighth and I have Chris you know we this is our first experience with them but we're we're very pleased and proud to have them join us and on our special how do people get tickets. So easy you can call our office nine to 5455. 5118. Or. Look at that on our website at www. TT at that dot board. And once again it is Sunday August 27 music food wine silent auctions. Live auction and with Don Murray who is the most amazing auctioneer I have ever seen at work ever she keeps it going she raises just a ton of money she's. Adorable my little five feet taller than just really just fires up the crowd. And that you have the amazing Angel family as well. Fiat you know we do we have our campaign so family who continues to. Cheering sign around every corner on every mountain to climb and fines and continue to fund some really big projects that can't. New things we engage in new ideas we come up with they are there ready and willing to find what we need. Hand celebrity people all the wondering that crowd let's talk a little bit about who's been there in the past I know my good friend Cheryl Jennings from ABC seven. She's had some surgery so I'm not sure if she's going to be present this year. I have so who else can people. Got so of course ABC just spoils that Saddam's do you know there I would or is there Mike meek and just the whole crew from over there are dead McConnell will be there. And I believe coach Mariucci will be there we've spoken briefly. And then and never know with Steven brand beyond that they're schedules are so crazy they've got me zine. And PM me and it's all their commitments. That he never know you just never know vita blue shows that he's wonderful he does so much good work in the community and then. He says you know makes time to come out and hang with us on Sunday sell sometimes the. John Madden family shows that he's anywhere that you have never in you know he's happy and marks I. So I Debbie Debbie Debbie got TT FF dot org for your tickets. Or give them the phone number or gas and I'm 954555120. And some of the luxury items to be on Jenny often live auction can you tell. I can't tell you. A bank to leave their usually huge and they. Let's just say there'll be plenty of friends around centers feeds let me say that some of the biggest. Concerts ever out of Atlanta and we've got that wonderful musical ticket partner to that is very generous yeah see you never know other trips there are amazing portraits that can be. Painted a view others jewelry and fine wine and just could easily car is your car this. And I'm not yeah we re doing instead of doing marriage traditional raffle. We actually doing what we can't make a nation to where he claimed there. And we thank you with a beautiful bottle of wine valued no less than thirty bag you know we've got several hundred. Dollar bottles are so you never know what should get knowing grant groin pull Cobb asked to delve seen. Oh lovely and I again returning with Angie coming Yani Taylor family Foundation's day in part the 27 annual and it just happens to be on the 27 of August. The last Sunday usually have August Michael frank T performing. Food chef spear why Maine it's usually just the perfect weather because August in Livermore and I just wanna make sure. People know it's in Livermore at camp by McIlroy EO in Livermore and that's for the parking is and that's were. Can people get towards the camps yes actually we offered tours of the camps so we encourage folks come. Early part. We'll settle you will ever will give you a tour and by the time that's all done and he'll be ready to Wacom raped your registration and that's another thing we're trying something new this year we think it's going to be great expressed checking into when you buy your ticket. Just follow the express check in proms and that'll make your registration walk through a lot quicker and easier. Our rights so once again it's Sunday August 27 Taylor Family Foundation stay in the park Serbian children with fast severe illnesses and diseases. For free they paid they and their family pay absolutely nothing to send their kids to camp. To swim to write courses to listen to music to do things with other kids like them. And it's usually can and I unequivocally say it's the time of their life in you go there and you receive their little faces. And it makes me cry every time every time it's just so special that kids get up and sing and perform and sneaked. It is it is it is pure magic to watch her kids and watch them mingle with them earned a crowd bank. To also reflect back on the summer that they just had been. It really is you know once in a lifetime for them and to you know some of our groups are so impacted that there is a lottery. You know so it may not be that child's next time coming in the next summer and maybe this summer after that I. We have tears with a lot of these kids on their last day camp they wanna keep coming and. Mine so TT FF dot org to get your tickets today one more time the phone number 94. I five I won when he. And unfortunately and you we are out of time I will see you Sunday August 27 for the Taylor Family Foundation stay in the park with Michael for anti everybody that's worth that taken alone and just think of the good you're doing for the kids. Thanks and GI this is today's world my name is sue hall if you wanna hear this show again our past shows are please if you have a show idea reach out to me. Today's world SF dot com will be back next weekend.