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Sunday, January 1st


Host Sue Hall talks with Becca Whitman Ex Dir of Food For Families...Donate food for families to help those in need at Raleys, Knob Hil and Bel Air Supermarkets. 

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Good morning this is today's world I'm sue hall to remember that you can listen to shell and others at today's world SF dot com. For the next fifteen minutes I'm going to be talking with baca Whitman she is the executive director of food. For families welcome to today's world pinky thank you for having me so let's talk about the holiday bag campaign that you got going on and what's involved. Yes so that the campaign is Rennie now until December 31. And basically as a customer at any of fear not hills. And in the area ego and use you'd donate ten dollars. And we've put together this great bag of groceries worth thirty dollars and we donated to the local food bank. And the food bank we'll take care of those in need in distributing them that way yes Eric it. So I had that campaign rents to the end of the year what is what I've always been curious what is in the bag and from imagining a variety of things yes yes so to and that diced tomatoes pasta sauce cost. Peanut butter and then we have some great perishable items we have. Bananas carrots tomatoes and milk which are actually coupons on the back that the families to pick these up at the food bank can utilize when they meet them. And so why it was as I mean I understand there are always people in need of food but how and when was this program started so we're celebrating our thirtieth anniversary. 1986. Joyce really teal and our former president chuck collings. Recognized okay we're in the food business. We want to do good and be helpful. This would be a great way of doing that and what started out as canned food drive has really morphed into this bag of groceries. And it's fairly easy to prepare and you just gave me some of the items so that didn't hostages and to not necessarily. Turkeys or things like that it is easy to prepare for brain and there's twenty meals and every bag. So that ten dollars can really help a family out significantly for a good week. And our goal this year mr. raised two point eight million meals and two wary now in the scheme of things well right now we are forging ahead we've got some great customers out there who are very Philanthropic. Last year we've raised two point six million meals so work confident that. This year when everyone is thinking about their Thanksgiving plans down. Remember those out there that aren't as fortunate in you said thirty years how is that programs change expanded their. Different from him when you got started yes and when we started as a canned food drive. That we recognize that a couple of years ago now that. Those parish small items in the nutritious. Fruits and vegetables that you get are so important right to food bank customers. And that. That customer of a feat banker food causes also changing and has been for a few years so. We try to be very flexible with her food bank partners throughout the year. As money is raised they actually buy groceries from class act cost that's when it the other benefits of the program that. Runs year round not just with the holiday back drive so. As we've seen the need. Change amongst those utilizing food banks we've tried to respond by providing. Nutritious and really fulfilling. Products and that you said dad Nob Hill are you just are primarily around those stores are used throughout the entire Bay Area. So were were located all over northern California and parts of Nevada. For your listeners today that it's mostly are not pills cynic Claire us tennis day. Alameda. We've got free mark free mind Redwood City so we're out there. And it we try to make this really easy for people to help. Ten dollars when you're buying your own groceries at the check stands. Sell it it really makes a difference and then that food banks again those communities are serving those at particular families. How many have you just mentioned several communities say how many you know in the entire and you're also in Sacramento to yes so we have roughly a 120 stores in our company footprint and we've got 74 food bank partners. Throughout that area so. For example. And our south Bay Area. We partner with second harvest of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. That they are feed dean. About 250000. People a month. Yes it's frightening yes I know a lot of how lamb how is the face of hunger changed over the years you think of families that it can barely you know theories so expensive to live in groceries or just. Now talks of a luxury for some people yes and that's a great question because so often we think those. That are utilizing food closets are are homeless population. But the what we've been seen this new trend is that our veterans are senior citizens anyone on a fixed income families. But significant. Percentages. Of this population are working families rate people who are earning a paycheck who after they cover that rents and their utilities. They have decent food bank to supplement. They're their meals at their family needs and then when kids are out of school during the holidays it's a double whammy so. One in four children in the Bay Area lives and then food insecure households. Some of the overall county percentages in this area are on the lower and applicant you know 19%. Although it too. Imperial County has the highest in California 33%. One and four hits that's alive release that are speaking with back to Whitman she's the exact. Director of food for families this is today's world and I'm sue Holland we're talking about the food for families holiday bag campaign. And for a ten dollar donation primarily here in the nine and a great county have greater Bay Area Nob Hill. Let's balance the at his place to go to make your donation yes we also are doing this at Bel Air. Markets and real eats and that's throughout northern California yes I'm the say you're traveling holidays he got am and keep that in mind why is that why is this program unique. So really is. As an organization that covers the overhead and administrative. Costs of feet for families 100%. So when people are donating that ten dollars. That they can feel total confidence that a 100% of those funds are going to help families and their neighbor had. We also are 100% local so each of our stores. Is partnered with the local food bank we work with the Salvation Army. We work with second harvest like I mentioned we also work with the children's emergency food bank and this area so. That there aren't a lot of organizations out there where there's absolutely no cost to being taken out of your donation and it is an local which is fantastic panel that's a huge huge point. And let's talk about real briefly again what goes in and what determines what goes into effect he has so we take a look at the trends of what our food bank partners order from us. We look at. What those staple items are when you're thinking about creating meals and what you might be able to use throughout the day of rape breakfast to dinner. And our grocery team. Then determines okay well Morgan and to tune and we're gonna do peanut butter and we're gonna throw in the bananas so. They they take a look at this list every year tweak it a bit as needed. We update the order guy that the feed partners use on you know monthly weekly monthly basis throughout the year. And we're really proud also that they order. Fruits and vegetables from months and every week they get a new list and there's over forty items on that so. We're trying to promote as they're doing all this good service to the communities and educating people on what's nutritious and healthy. Were helping to spar with the actual products yet and is Beck stepped and it really is another good point to mean. A lot of these fruits and vegetables them you know people aren't. Aren't pioneered because they're keeping with the staples gas easy and then you know the nonperishable items else and they may not have refrigeration for certain products and they may not know how to cut certain items so. As we build capacity through our food bank partners our customers and their generosity. Are really reaching thousands of people. I've had volunteered at tap my local food bank in its amaze seen the amount of food. That the local stores are bringing in because obviously it would put the bakery department Tina can't keep those items for very long so they all get donated to the food banks so. It really is an amazing partnership that you have to get to get food to those in need. Do you have that once again back to Whitman executive director of food for families is with us today on that today's world you have a web site other than people actually going into. I really have not Hiller Bellinger is there a place to go for more information. Yes so food for families dot pork is our website and that forest spelled out FO mark. And we'll also be promoting this campaign on our FaceBook page which is under re leased it for families and once again this show will live at today's world SF dot com and you can go there and get more information act. And at reed listened to the show if you need any anymore also Mikhail IT dot com and Libya and are. Are at higher. And I'm drawing a blank or podcast. On our podcast of course I was thinking blog but I was meaning pat podcast right so special activities going on during the holiday season. You give we give talk about battle. Yes says Saturday December 3 as the day it Tony for our period in which really small match. Any bag that's purchased so it's online only. And but if you visit our website or FaceBook page when you give ten dollars of rain les would give the other. Ten but it's actually sixty dollars worth of groceries that you'd be providing because you as you mentioned earlier ten dollars that you donate goes for thirty dollars worth of food in the bags yes or release of sorts that other twenty dollars you give we give and what do you do the rest of the year you partner with the food banks throughout the rest of the year as well yes yes were really excited we've been trying out these farmers markets where we show up with a lot of fruits and vegetables that they may not have. As an option. Through the other channels of food the food bank receipts so we show up with bell peppers and lemons and all sorts of fun stuff. And we've been doing those mostly during the summer and we're going to start doing knows more often more on a quarterly basis and getting to know our food bank partners a little bit better supporting them. With really any need. They have. Listening to what they see trends. Happening and occurring. So that we can also flax and and help. Provide those in need. Again a food banks if you are in need food banks in here in the Bay Area can you at least a couple of more of those so people know where to go to get via. The bank holiday bag. So we've got stores. In Alameda. Redwood City. Martinez who Mountain View Fremont San Ramon pleasant tens and a say senate Claire rap. And and our food bank partners in those areas include the San Pablo food pantry. The community services agency. The Salvation Army. Second Baptist church and Santa Clara county's second harvest. So they're all. You know where. We get a lot of credit for our role and that's that really it a lot 99.9. Percent of the good that's happening comes from. The food banks sell. We are prick he is proud to be able to help in this way so. For those lists I mean you know if you have ten extra dollars and you find yourself that the Kirsch restore. I would be really amazing and we appreciate your support. And once again we're talking with. Baca Whitman executive director of food for families this program has been ongoing for thirty years congratulations for that that sent back screen and it is. Really indicative of the need out there as well. So I'm at ten dollars gets a holiday bag you can either go into a knob hill locally or released or Bel air and once again give us the website for more information food for families dot or p.s three can donate online or you can visit our FaceBook page which is under pre release date for families and don't forget about you give we give that's. 24 hours on December 3 yes on my apparently that's a Saturday yet. And were excited about that and we also have it here at Eckert should story knob hill. Buster pose see he's this adorable and clutched Teddy bear. He is for sale for ten dollars and then four dollars this app purchase goes to fit for families sell. And there's a lot of ways to help we. Do this holiday bag now through December 31. We are always raising money for food bank partners here around. And two point eight million meals. It seems like a big number but the food insecure numbers are rising soul. We need the help well thank you for what you do and thank you for being here today you guys drove traveling from Sacramento. It was a lovely drive. Well we appreciate that and once again I'm going to mention really is knob hill and bell there on the stores that it. Participate in the food for families holiday bag campaign. And also year round a year round with the food banks that expected just mentions their web sites. Is another place to go FaceBook and online for you give weekend. I any other any other tips for folks out there if they are in need of food this holiday season you know on. Our food for families web site at I know it's sounds wolf funny but if you go to the Tony Paige if you or someone looking for your local food bank. If you click. They drop down menu has a list of cities. And let's say here in Chico or Alameda or wherever you can pull up that city and it will give you the food bank phone number that address. So that's to me a pretty easy way to find. Help excellent and the website again food for families dot pork. All right we've been speaking with back a Whitman the executive director of food for families thank you so much for being here. My name is sue Holland once again you can hear this show past shows order. If you have show ideas please visit us at today's world S aft dot com today's world SF dot com. Thank you back for being here and you see the rest of you next weekend.