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Sunday, January 15th


Sue Hall speaks with Tasha Bartholomew, Communications Director for The MLK Celebration Train and activities celebrating MLK Day 2017 in SF.

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Good morning this is today's world and I'm sue hall. You can listen to this show and others at today's world ass after dot com and for the next fifteen minutes we are speaking with types of Bartholomew touching is the communications officer. For cal train. And Sam trans and we are talking about of course the celebration train that's happening. Tomorrow. So excited to bring these train back to the community and it's something out. Numbered years. And it's gonna rent again tomorrow starting at 948. In make it's a San Francisco. To celebrate the legacy. Let's talk about that that this almost didn't happen via the heat and new celebration train the freedom train is what it was called. What what happens and someone tell me the history yet so most people probably now has the freedom train. For over thirty years. It was chartered by way. Association. And pay who's he decided that they could no longer. It was no longer feasible to chart train and so this was something that was important because. Ego way. So what we did last week on new partnership with the bank going and thinking association. And the organization. Activities but it's including the march activities. Cartons and we just thought it would be good partnership. I am because most of the people taking each candidate to those activities. In the city. And so oh win we and the partnership. Next year we decided. It and you know turned into the tree people. I'm glad I'm certainly glad it's it's going forward keep the dream alive. So people can they just show up in Tennessee and you have to register. OK so we the people registers so people missed out by going. Capturing. Slash am okay. But we also had him on the home page. Typed in. And from the air there is a link where they can register for free tickets so it's the bright. But there's no charge to write. Celebration trained. Once people get a confirmation once it's at the station. We had ambassador so it will be clear that's where people ago. And we will swap now pay particular station it's. They're ticket on your own. And we will give them commemorative and a pay. And which is very cool looking it's a nice little souvenir he brought into it to sell me. I did idea it it represents stock exchange. Them. But his wife marching. Leaflets elements in which is what this represents. Corrects that's one thing catching his is Lee. Enjoyed about this rise because it's about fifteen miles from eight to San Francisco. And we feel like some of the march forums at Montgomery. Before. Walks and this really France. It's symbolic. Of that march we're talking with Sasha Bartholomew she's the communications officer for cal train Sam trans and efforts specifically. The celebration train that's happening tomorrow to commemorate Martin Luther King Day. So what can folks expect they're gonna get they're gonna get to the station in San Jose. It also makes a couple of other stocks since leaving you sit at 945. At a San Jose right so. So the train starts in San Jose and we will be meeting this geared station at 945. And before we get to stamp is that we will be making two additional stops. Out wine tea. So for those whose you know maybe. It's tail in your laps of the one. Eight ounces to beard and making them on when those nations and we had schedule. Eight catching. Sounds great and once they get to San Francisco about eleven inch. What can they expect. Well it well so after treatment track for a fifth happens retreats eat out at its treatment and after the change. And it mentioned most people you know and and overtake here at winning and swears there and start the march. Now. For that information. On things at the after the celebration train people can go to. Www. Cancer and a paid eight or is in the dark now. The north now an arcade associations. So we know that there is a march 2 year old when he gardens and all kinds of festivities senate there now to get back to their original destination and then. So to get back to their original destination usually again as you mentioned week into the San Francisco station Iran and and people spent a couple of hours there's so he'd come home around one. Making use their celebration train tickets as their past to get pre fourth street absolutely wonderful. So how are activities on board the celebration trained so yes so we're very excited about the activities the first activities once they they register at the table in a commemorative ticket we've had design San. Kind of badges that say my injury news. And we leave it ain't so we're hoping that each person Winamp it. And it went answers celebration train we have back to sign activities including. A civil rights quiz that we've been working kind. And organ surprises. In the way and and we have coloring books and it's been accused the PD packed together for the children. And the nor am okay association. Connectedness with missing that will be coming on board. And that and singing a few songs. On board and we're hoping to. Also played. I have a dream speech the last twenty minutes writing in to San Francisco to get people into this beard. Impressive. Tosh a Bartholomew is the communications officer for. I will power the celebration train. Celebrating doctor king's day tomorrow keeping the dream alive free giveaways for the Cannes sounds like a lot of fun on boards and naproxen if you leave eleven herbs are you leave at 945%. Of his say so in the eleventh so it's a nice little ride so I was gonna say you know again we answer those forty guys will be outside antenna. Sam tail at tent colony in San Francisco at 1055. I didn't and I mentioned at San Mateo and these simultaneous. Am I. It's there in Kansas each and import some sort organization. Also be having activities at its am station prior to. The and at Hillsdale it's they know practicing it at this image that we can't we do a couple of stations in San Mateo but it's the downtown and attempts stationary get am and so once again you get this cool commemorative ticket that people can save as a souvenir let them take a picture of it. And posted on RK OIT FaceBook page. What damn what sort of plans do you have with social media throughout the day yes those social media it's our social media suspicious specialists will be on board. And he will be live tweeting in my face looking. And as we're doing some of the activities are hoping to go on the lies of bored doing periscope on match or which one. But check them ala. And so that people can see it you know what's happening. If they didn't participate each year in hopefully unity think about it for next year's. If anyone is on the train and is participating we ask that they you know attack handles for Twitter it's count train. And then of course FaceBook it's count in the count train. Is the page FaceBook page and and ending use the hash tag M allocates money seventeenth so that we use and we now that your witness and and participating we see an attraction week. Well we are. Once again this is today's world and I aims to call this show will live at today's world SF dot com. So without folks wanna listen back and get that further information about for the big day tomorrow. You can do that but it will also live there beyond to tomorrow too so any further information going forward it's neat at last time I talked Tosh you we were celebrating the of the holiday. Cal train holiday train and had had a deck of just a brief recap. Well while asylum and the celebration this committee train and we're celebrating holiday celebration of the holiday train was fantastic we had 20000 people. Show up at our stations we collected 2500. Toys and also collected 2500 dollars toward. You know toward the event in toward the Salvation Army and the Marines Toys for Tots program so it was very successful in if anybody wants to see any pictures from an event they can always go on colony pedestrian lord. To find out information NC with how many people are you expecting on these celebration train. So we have about 12100 tickets and so far as of yesterday at 700. Had been in Oakland coats sold and done so people sign that 700 people signed up. And last year we sold out. We're expecting the same. Now I was going to say that I think registration closes. Two on them bright on Sunday night OK the celebration tree ever. If you decide Monday morning itchy and attempt to shore up the station we will have some extra tickets. Just come we you know we've we won't be turning how how many cars in this particular celebration thing so this will be an eight car train. And I think where. The unity there will be am as you buy cars and also eighty Carson there. With those cars and mentioning is because there will be bathrooms on the so. You know it can accommodate them you know hopefully at did 12100 yeah luckily so excellent. I once again the ad the week celebration train leaves tomorrow morning Monday morning Martin Luther King Day at 945 at a senate Zain if you donate all the way to San Jose. You can go to Palo Alto or downtown San Mateo stations. I am but you do need to register ahead of time registration closes tonight. Tonight so give them the heads of the site again to go to. I'm easiest way to get to Vietnam bright page is to our web site count change dot com slash am OK and for other information on activities when you get to San Francisco ass ass MLK day dot org. And I do believe that to the B free commemorative transit passes on arts as well as cal train Muni in golden gate ferries available while supplies last to soak. If if you are coming to the city for those celebrations SF MLK day dot org. And certainly of course would love for you to come up from the peninsula on the celebration trains. Correct I was gonna say that the I think that there are count and a pay association does a fantastic job with organizing with the other transit agencies and they had celebrations and witness that they. You know most certainly have a connection with the you know Bart Muni unit to get people today. And then you're planning gardens is sort of the focal points in San Francisco from mother train station they will march there. I'm from the other organ is our other transit agencies they'll be walking to your from winning gardens as well and as the weather should be great. Yes I eight I did check the weather looks like it'll be a little bit chilly it's okay bundle but no rain all right so lab once again big fun for Martin Luther king and I love the activities on the train especially. The replaying of the speech the last twenty minutes coming into San Francisco to get really sort of the spirit you have we weren't you know. Each year one of the debrief we always try to think of things that we can do to improve the experience. For people who are writing a celebration train and I distinct. You know every time I mean I've heard that speech a number of times since I was McCain in every time I hear its own inspirational. And so we really again Nina thought that this would just be a great way to get people you know into the steered into the mood. Especially for the younger generation for people who maybe bringing in kids really understand. You know listen to you know and know who doctor king and they have you have special things planned for the little ones yes we made sure we that these very fantastic on the hind these Martin Luther King coloring books which. Aren't just kind of tells a little bit of history it he as a person as a man as. Strong civil rights leader. Well it's wonderful that you kept the spirit alive because I know there was a time there than it just started sort of fading. Stating that train fading in the end it's nice that they ever but he stepped in to make it continual line and we did hear from the community during that time he really didn't want to see go you know they really wanted to keep it going in. You know did reach out as a as an agency to see if there was anything that we can do to keep the celebration train going and so. You know so we had an I mean I think this is something that we will continue to deal. You know I don't announce he's going. While folks just show up they've got plenty of room for 12100. Plus people and day if you can't get a ticket online but first try to register. And registration goes through tonight you'll pending give them via web site correct at cal train dot com slash am okay. And then there's a button there and you'll get there when you show up he'll get here really cool commemorative tickets that you can save it's a really beautiful souvenir. I'm going to post that on our RK OIT and their stations a FaceBook page to. Some people can take a look at it and this time not to go enjoy the festivities the hour train back home is free edition your commemorative ticket. Any time 1 o'clock or later on cal train and you can get back to to any of your stations the wherever you came up for him. That's correct and for more festivities in San Francisco it's SF MLK. Day dot org. Tosh says thank you so much for making your way but to San Francisco Tosh a Bartholomew is the communications officer for cal train and Sam trans. And the celebration train and thanks for all the Q do it's really special now thank you so much thanks for having to remember about the hash tags once again. Well yes hash tag is. Hash tag MLK Tony seventy so if you're on the train them make sure you that let them know that you're out there and yet take a picture change. Technically that's I'll be on the training so if I don't I like taking southeast of people. Thanks that I sent me Q I'm still call this is today's world and that you can net check out more shows this this one past shows. Additional ideas would love to hear from you to today's world SF dot com we will see you all next weekend.