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Sunday, October 30th


Celeste Perry and Erma Murphy from The O'Hanlon Center for the Arts talk about their Fundraiser, Consciousness and Creativity. Nov 5 2016

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Good morning this is today's world and I'm sue hall. You can listen to this show and others at today's world SF dot com and for the next fifteen minutes we are speaking with my comrade Celeste Carrey and Irma Murphy and Irma. Is the director of programs and outreach for the O Hanlon center for the arts. In Mill Valley you've got a big fall far. Raiser coming up we too excited it's going to be consciousness and creativity. And it's on November fair. It is not censure and socialist Perry is going to be our facilitator of amazing panel discussion with some. A people in the community that integrate the year conscious. Mind on this and practice with their creativity and that's going to be Janet did you go. And Daria halprin. And tonne hi she so we can talk about them you'll. Some wonderful for the music. Some of those raffle prizes that are at the contemplative nature. On our campus which is in el Valle and very beautiful setting in cascade canyon so the setting itself. Released as part of the attraction of this kind of contemplative. Is we're doing to race and let's get back to the beginning and let's talk about the O'Hanlon story how it got started and what the purpose yes it's a listener of the art was site and inside was established in 1969. Women to artists that were. Of the bohemian nature of nova went all the artists work and we've taken over Mill Valley I driven Mill Valley in the sixties so I remember that the identical Hamlin hadn't actually sepsis in 1933. At which is now since school art institute. They were part of the WPA aid during the depression and then it came to know now in 42 and bought it dairy farm and six acres in cascade canyon. Odd turn that into their art studios. She and Hamlin started our program in Dominican call and he started teaching. Sculpture at UC Berkeley. In fact if you've ever been upland told signs in the big stone sculpture. That's tickle Hamlin sculpture that is now part the that academy there. So she started teaching and realized after some time that she could teach art she could only teach people how to see. And part of her travels to actually Asia and two Japan helped formulate her philosophy about art and so she quit teaching. And she opened up these our studio for people to com. And learn perceptions that it started it was cult site inside and her whole thing was how to teach people how to see. An ambulance creative and then it was just great knack for people's com and explore their creativity so it became a non profit in 191960. So we've been around a long time but it's hidden back there in this beautiful. Residential area that needs to be discovered so people commonly take classes workshops. And there's print making. And cost X riding. And meta arts and that's fine that's what's so Celeste of the good but so let's talk about your involvement I'm known Celeste for a long time and I'm finding new things about you all the tough IP and yes you have to. I found the islands through a friend of mine I was actually going to it's a rough patch in my life and difference it. Cases you're doing therapy you're exercising. Your trial in fact he needs to be quiet sister and so I came Sadr what we Colin. And AM it's it's. The Christians. Is up and yeah it is not the time I didn't Edwards then it's mine now. And I sat there. Sat for twenty minutes and then watch for attendance for twenty more of and never thought I could do. So long and five minute yeah I'm liking him right I mean there's no way. It's impossible. Couldn't be one of its people and I felt like one of those people on the immediately. And it's been about six years now and like Alan fine points in the beautiful mountain which is a gorgeous place to sit upstairs. China and loft area surrounded by art created by artist who are part of that community band. To see it's changed my life as dramatic but it's it's true. So that's why I'm there it's it's more of a meditative thing is it's is and this practice is a strict zen Buddhist practice. It's happening now Peter Coyote isn't. Didn't easy to sit with us and then there's another song that we cholera can mean it was formed in two bronze at all part of the same. Group that's notice that the analysts on named after a felony and security. It was a great Buddhist teacher but never took never became a priest and so the idea of our son is to take. Buddhist practice were all going to be. Many of us who are probably innocent priest died. I mean we critically one it to you but we're just trying to live our zen Buddhist practice and kind of average anyway if every days and basic sounds like just slowing down in and be solid acting and doing Hitler and Richard his practices as cities and. So I'm talking with Celeste parry right now we also have firm Matt Murphy here from the O'Hanlon center for the arts in Mill Valley. And that our apartment Irma is the director programs and outreach. How we've got a big fall fund raiser coming up on November 5 and let's not some of the programs less was talking about some some of the other programs that you offer and how did people get involved or find G well. Website and the senate dot board. And we have ongoing programs in like I said the meditative arts not only do we have islands and program that surprise you how this Sufi meditation group that meets there. We have writing workshops. We have I guess is it yes it like this Thursday morning it's called free right. And it's just fantastic. Just to sit down right with a group led by Abby wasserman. Who's one of our leaders and O'Hanlon and every Thursday for two hours of sitting quietly in this gallery space heated subject answer right on her just what a load it's called free rides are pretty opens up their either their pages of books and Abby would give us some sort of a prompt. And you write for twenty minutes at times and I'll share together and read and go on from there and I just wrote I was doing it because I enjoyed. The process of writing. But had never been in a form a class since college. And that the other people working on them liar and so all level of writing that happens there and I don't that just that's just one of the the many programs that are ongoing and we have also drawing workshops and other are taking in my infamous approach. That are going on also of children's programs for art are. A world cultures and another one until the game for you know middle age middle school aged kids learning drying. And so there's a wide range of things but one of our main folks this is the gallery where we since Austin is actually gallery and it used to be Dick O'Hanlon sculpture studio. He worked in big granite you know size. These things and so it's a big space and so it's turned into the gallery. What happens every month it changes the gallery show changes and so that things are different right now it's on trains. And so what's nice about the sitting at every month we get a whole new thing to to observe what was settings on that which is kind of has to sit with your eyes open. It's really good so people are encouraged to most of networks to our shows its non commercial gallery other sometimes artworks to its soul but it's. Really there to encourage people to express or creativity. In a very accepting environments so all levels. Well if you can be a professional. Artist or brand new you can see networks or gallery and see your stuff on the wall which is. Really exciting and it's pretty any effort folks just have been able to say that they are showing their their work out pretty net association with that we also are doing you know performance based things. They're cults and a salons and so they're based on the themes of the show with next when is going to be dreams and visions and December we have a show that's called art of the spirit and will have. Performers. Music poetry eccentric who will then I'll augment and and they accentuate the gallery show. I was just reading on your website it says them a couple of things that really caught my attention provide programs studio space exhibits and experiences that. Honor individual creativity develop artistic practice and build community access pretty much says it all right there it is to do we are a community we. Our member based community and that. Everything is open to non members as well but as one way that as an on pop that we fund. Our programs is with memberships. And it feels like a real community people. Come to animals pool for programs get to know each other. We have a lot of pot locks you know so that's a sense of real. Knowing and connectedness and an excellent creativity. That is really unique and not found in a lot of other arts organizations so how would one become a member or just. Besides the web so I just wonder on an end in some of the program is because we aren't residential area people who have lived in the air for a long time. Don't really know what's going on back there but we need a bigger sign says welcome you welcome to come and because. It is open to the public the caller's opens in the public five days a week you can just wondering and in and explore the galleries. And to become a member. And you'd want a first experience the space to see if it's if it's a match for you but. Every first Tuesday of the month as far as the Mill Valley arts commission are wap we're part of and we encourage people to come to a artist round table so they can meet other artists or art wanna be artists are people who enjoyed arts and tock. One of the things we do it's very unique an extensive. You know who's here and if that's the match and then us you know sign. You can also do when you submit artwork for. Ford show which you view little incentive if you join and you do that. Use you get your entry fee waived so that's another incentive for joining at that time we're talking with Herman Murphy director of programs are not reach for the Hamlin center for the arts. And Celeste Perry who is and seeing I don't know if that's the proper term backed are leading that discussion it is for the fall fund raiser which is. November 5 at the O Hanlon center it's called consciousness and creativity so tell us what to expect that evening. Well. I'm really looking forward to speaking with act cousin Mikey taught us. And now he is 8283. Years old he is actually prefer a right here at peace activists and so he has. Really lived his life and through his practices. And he has written extensively about. About. Doug Hart secret pact when I was doing some research for this. He had such a storied career and little intimidating he's in great master just look at this picture he's asked serene and on the metered he looks to why he's from me. Questions. It's reached under my nightstand to pull out of politics in my mind and lo and behold it was. A book about heart teacher written by cuts to come I didn't hear it does happen to have it half the blacks impression upon. Jack I'd go with the second degree black out to about when she for eleven and it just a suite fifth. And she's taught in today's golfers not decades. And and pre meditated arts to the classroom and I have actually spent time she sits at that's at the song and she's been at times heart that we go on an annual retreats. So I know Janet bets on so. Excited about introducing her in the community and hurts her throat and long. Association might have missed practice in her class and that's it's fantastic I mean is that just something that happens every country to Ayers it's sort of trying to expand to other well I think he should read the articles and now we ears are saying instead it's just that they're bringing it to various classrooms sort of thing that might polices are. Right and which is fantastic not so esoteric anymore actually isn't maintaining mainstream weed it's you know in two news at the fabric of conversation businesses have. It set aside rams back my son was saying New York you just sort of working for your company. One of the things offered was a room on it. And everywhere but. I think it's what's what I like about him in center and the people we inner pact with and certainly are now on Friday night coming up on Saturday November 5. Is it and yet been doing this for years decades it's nice to see. You know before it became. Nothing proven he was to work in our hopper who lives not that excited you. A long history of creative arts the cream art process in dance. On her mother is. Alan I'll wind I thought but Austrian rang a bell this is along. Line. Creative arts and dance in her life and so we're looking forward to. Speaking with her belief that cots and. Are also going to be doing a little bit of performance right well yeah cause actually be doing it clear demonstration. Went and talked about being mindful again in his practice the and so are the circles but again it's a one stroke. It's technically if he also the one stroke paintings. And you have to be all airports so if you've ever seen some and do Japanese click it's it it get to in his own just watching it is beautiful so he locks to demonstrate. Here's my on this practice also Daria halprin. In her expressive arts practice and therapy and she it's an embodiment to a lot of breath work Sheen. I'm pacts with that's pearls for a long time as well so she's gonna take the audience. I'd participants. And a little bit of exploratory thing of giving us grounded I'm sure Janet did you go to it yet. She tells her students what is it and center when she at center when you enter and breathe when you leave you know he's into these practices to get you in the moment. It will be part. We'll all get to participate a little bad. And then of course. Will get Celeste to bring out. There there expresses things and how their creativity. Is influenced by either my infamous practice and if someone wanted to go to this on November 5 at the violence and are they just go to the web sites yes I'm hands on are there. A Hanson or actually first Benedict comes up will be. The practices and creativity banner click right on that give you more information about all the participants. And I'm pleased to buy tickets you can call us. 4153884331. And we into it over the phone. And invite anybody who's interested in this subject and these amazing panelist to come explorer doesn't organized an opportunity for people who I don't know you have considered common experiences and see it. In you know fall balloon with an event happening at night of course toward inclusion it's just have been injured specials. So carpool RA IR pulls in carpool guy. All right sounds great so once again this is Ben Berman Murphy. From the director programs and outreach O'Hanlon center for the arts and the fall fundraiser Celeste is leading the conversation Celeste Perry my comrade in crime for a long long time. Thank you for suggesting that this topic I appreciate it very much it's been lovely having you here. And let me just remind folks that. You can them catch this program and others and if you've got to show ID as please visit us at today's world SF dot com. I am sue call and we will see you next weekend and good luck on the theft and keeping my birthday by the way. The.