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Thursday, December 1st


Marjorie Swig and Judy Katsin from The Green Light Clinic talk about mental health issues for Bay Area youth and free therapy provided by the clinic.

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Good morning this is today's world I'm sue hall and you know this show and others at today's world SF dot com. For the next fifteen minutes we are speaking with the Judy Kasten and Marjorie swig beer from the green light clinic. Welcome to the show ladies. I assume I think the duty and Marjorie so let's talk about the green like clinic first Marjorie is the founder out what how did this. It started and what exactly is it pre night clinic is a free mental health clinic for young people between fourteen and 25. And it's short term ends up to six months individual and group therapy. And it it got started because. I'd been school counselor for years. And over the years there's been a lot of suicides that have occurred in the Bay Area. And I'd had enough. And I decided that kids needed. Easy access to fair free easily access right and going and he said it is a limited time in Judy what is your relation in your background. I'm on the board of directors and my background is as a look at clinical psychologists many many years ago but more recently. As a former executive director Arabs Emery county school volunteers I have nonprofit management experience. And the green like clinic is physically located where. It's located at 1808. Wiedmeyer street in the proceed CO OK and it's off a fourteenth annaly. So you are available to the entire Bay Area absolutely and anybody else who happens to comment. So let's talk about some of the programs that you have this free mental health clinic for the youth. What is it about that age group. The entire and a fourteen to 25 is. What we call it transitional age. GAAP Huber he did everything that only iron. You've got fourteen to eighteen career in high school getting ready for college and and you go to college and then you get out of college in Italy and mine and where elected Dan. So that how we chose both made a lot of pressure at that at age. And especially in the alarming rate of suicide you mentioned that will what is that in your mind what is that about. Pressure pressure pressure change. Unknown. Inability to cope. A lot of things that Adam and things that we don't even anticipate so what do you provide. We provide. Therapy individual therapy out of five individual there be news offices. And will. Provide what ever type of therapy works client we don't practice at specific theory. It's what works and what the therapists for them with where all volunteer. So each fare that's practices in their own way and then group therapy which I happen to love because I think it greatly. Is very efficient wind. Peers get together and can share what's going on in and other people in the group. Understand that they're not alone. Everybody else is experiencing ethnic and help each other. It's a much. Better fix that it's so quick edits and what is the the time let me sit six months we will see clients up to six months and then we will have booster sessions that. They just leave we will keep up with him until we have them in a wealthy. It's adding that they like to go war they're stable and can go on around and then there also after that time welcome to join. The groups so let me ask about how cool and more often get a hold of the parents are the chipped in the children that's a great question. That that they're not just children so that's what I 25 and each. Client. Between that age and pastor calm around parents teachers counselors are not at all for it because. Fourteen is under age in California. But I line if we test there that's fine them. Fit to be seen and they can't seem churned. So. We wanted we wanted to make it shows that. Young people particularly the youngest ones didn't feel that they had to go to their parents is they were in crisis are. Feeling troubled and so. The fact that it's three that it doesn't. Require any kind of ability to pay our. Arab. It has it created it eliminates a barrier and their green it allows kids to call without. Their parents being involved it stops the way they want to announce a parent would call and say. I have. My child's and needs help I believe how can you help we would. Work with the parent and as a wage on the phone together. That child to call and make the appointment and I can make appointments through parents that. But that's an important. Aspect of what we're trying to Q can you give us the phone number now in case there's anyone listening that needs needs your help the parent who works at the head sank 40157. Ford to. Four threes Europe six. And rating is down 4157424306. And it's JD says it's our only. Ask is that he is call so we know that there commit. And but. We do have. Family room so if that I young person wants to common be seen with their parents absolutely. But that young person cast an issue. So if if a child is struggling and we mentioned suicide which is an extreme what other sorts of mental illnesses are you looking hat. Mental illnesses that we heard. We looking at things like relationship issues. Eating disorders. Hiding. Anger. Divorce. You know big am at its way ever. Ever. Doesn't feel attic at a young person to. Live their life in the. My name is sue hall and we are accurate today's world talking today with that Marjorie suite is the founder and Judy Kasten captains cues me. Who is a board member in involved with the green light clinic located in the Presidio for children ages. Fourteen to 25 who are struggling who are in and pick sprain and experiencing major pressures in life. What are what are your goals and obviously ten not have these kids being so under pressure I would imagine but it that they are and that's the reality. I think there. You know that are available and that we can just be that place where they have to make an appointment they can't just drop in. But that they can call and know that they can be seen no obstacles. I think our biggest schools is really removing me obstacles to kids things evening and getting the support and and how would a child let's say fourteen if they wanted to come TU RU near buses or at that it would that be. Now viable I don't think the Presidio is a pretty blue local hub we we here. Really we are right near the corner of park CEO and lake street and so there's one California the two Clement a 38 year it Emory and us. They all there'll excited nervous and appreciate you Islam and the prescient oh that's can get you know from like the Lombardi area. Up to where we get our proximity is it to the Golden Gate Bridge also is an area that we wanted to try to. Minus sense because we know that there are a lot of suicides. Associated with the Golden Gate Bridge in that the bridge district is attempting right now. Two. Address some of these issues so we're hoping to be able to partner. To some degree because we're so close to. Where the action is always. Unfortunately. Can you share stories of you don't have to give names obviously but some of your success stories. You have many in in mind it's only an open two months not okay no I didn't really you were so new via okay September 14. I would say that great success story for me. I'm the only air this right now after the first of the year we'll have a number of there that's. Worst kind of soft opening. The best story was one of my client. Saying. I am looking for this a long time I'm so glad you're here. And that set it for all of us and the reason we're doing. Is that you know they couldn't afford. The mental health services. And her. Parents said that if she could find something really low fi. Eight could consider senator and she found us well. We wanna get the word out. That says that's a major I I did not know that this was so new so I'm grateful to be able to spread the word throughout the nine Bay Area counties. It's called the green light clinic. And it is in the Presidio the number is 4157424306. I am and what about the atmosphere there tell us about you talked about the different therapy rooms and family rooms and things like that. I have to say I love it I am a little biased but I think it is so warm friend me and bright. Cheery. Cool and I don't look at it the basements so draw. Space that it. Really comfortable really. Light it it's great it's we have. Five offices and we have four actual therapy. Losses and then next we needed an in this huge group for calm that can. Be filled I think up to twelve or fourteen yen. It's just it's really wonderful. Are you ladies getting out into elementary schools are high schools are set sort of working with those. Those sorts of therapists served school nurses I don't know would that for. The term is the technical term we're getting in touch with the school counselors and her in the wellness centers. And trying to at least. Give them the information hopefully they can disseminate were also looking for ways you'd. And find kids directly that we certainly are working through schools excellent and you need volunteers. Yes and then also what what types we get on as is volunteer. In PH d.s I. d.s MF sees. Therapists main line down Nokia Nokia and and we. We always use. Different sorts of volunteers for groups to. Groups have to let us. And they're very good and that's once again I just keep wanting to get the word out it's the green light clinic free mental health clinic for Bay Area youth. Ages fourteen or fourteen to 25. Tough it in in Eddie self inflicted pressures are they family pressures or the school pressures and they all peer pressure are they all of the above. Well think about today's world and the bombardment of information for all of us and before her for kids. It's the only thing they've known. But it's constant and it's very difficult to get away from that so that bit aside from all the normal pressures that we as adults. Remember experiencing. These kids have all the additional. And pressures of the entire world sort of bearing down on them they know what's happening across the world and any minutes. And the there's a lot of scary stuff out there. Yes yes the good there's a lot of scary stuff with social media and everything else in on it it's it's easy to get. Drawn in and I understand understand the pressures it's it's not like when we were kids like seemed so much Smart simple. He hands them pressure free aiming if you didn't know which she wanted to do at age fourteen when you are grown up it was OK a couple. You don't have to know right away in and as we've always told our kids it's not how you start it's how you finish. And that every kid is different every kid is different and that linked some kids can graduate college in four years which is kind of rare now it's more like 5678. My son graduated from college when king got up and said. Thanks mom dad for the last seven years you know thick. So it's it's not how you start it's how you finish enough. Also. Every kid to go to costs are certainly not even not directly out of high school I think we want them to finish high school that's. There are many paths to a successful life and not everybody is an academic. And shouldn't be expected. Necessarily to go to college I think we've forgotten about vocational training very good point other kinds of ways that people can be successful. And it's just supporting differences in everybody's unique. There's no Iran. You know it. Growing up and knowing if it's an ice and I think it's here. And how I know myself it's different then summoning me. Myself strengthens me as a person and that's or trying to mine excuse to strengthen themselves with people so they can cope with. And I think that's happening kids are gonna make stupid decisions they all do as long as they learn from them and move beyond that that's who we've always said I mean you know the kids do the dumbest things but. They do grow up. One hopes that we're not knocking on wood can only be our website of course please daddy daddy daddy green light cleaning up war. OK of information and I think it. 4306. We are talking with Marjorie swig founder and Judy Katz and behind Marjorie if friend and board member at hand and it's the green light clinic it's located in the Presidio in San Francisco easy access. And good luck had left to be able to help in any way I can look at the word out certainly here in all of our radio stations. And thank you for what she do thank you for what you do get out there if you are therapist listening to this please reach out and said you would be greatly needed. My name is sue call just a reminder this is today's world and if you wanna hear this show. Past shows or have show ideas you can always visit us at today's world SF dot com that's where this show will live. And we encourage you to do so also if you do have so ideas we've got to hear from you. I think he Marjorie thank you Judy for being here it's the greenery right clinic you're welcome we'll see you next weekend.