Trans-Siberian Orchestras Al Pitrelli Calls Us!

Wednesday, October 11th


Trans-Siberian Orchestra is coming to the Oracle Arena on November 30th and we got to talk to one of the original members about what to expect when you go to the show! 

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Guys is out for trucks and she is so good morning how are you this morning. Very romantic may go to. Nazi van we're excited to he has to get here on November 30 the ORACLE Arena. I think it's a definitely a staple here in cents a silicon area to go and see on the translator an orchestra. Absolutely yes. It's amazing how it's become such part of British holiday tradition I mean after. Good lord that 20/20 three years now and it's just I'll always be put back on my heels what people tell me now. You know well we we play your music from Thanksgiving until new years holidays and he got troll through towns such an honor and privilege come back to the Bay Area look at voter. Now Al I know that you are a musician and you the music director and one of the original members of TS cell. You guys are playing over a hundred concerts in 61 cities how do you do that it's. A lot and large Starbucks. Except that the that the yes. Yeah. It's a very daunting task having first and foremost thank god for our group because without them we'd be dead in the water you know. But this is also something that's grown up since popular shows in 1999. It really LX six or seven cities on the itinerary. And from there you know promoters all over the country want it shows. So. The second year it was like twenty cities in thirty cities and so on so what's so we've kind of grown outlive it. That would kind of learned how to adapt and overcome you know the just monumental feat it is getting this ridiculously large rate of all eighteen and nineteen trekking trails into the arena. And they get it up Iran referred me you know not only one shell which sometimes you showed that. Now do you remember the first. I think you were one of the first songs that never went viral effect if I remember him back to my child and which I was like fifteen. When in 1999. And we first heard the very first trance I bear in our society and I believe everyone was just. Flabbergasted lost their other blown away by the intensity and they and the difference and how much stood out. And do you remember that first time the you guys became. The trends are very like the name came out and everyone kind of blew up and I'm I don't know if there was YouTube back then but it's the equivalent of going viral. I don't know currency is if if it hit me that hard because you really it was cycle long. Not actually slow build what was Stefan along but I remember being Europe. Scoring in the winter of ninety and I'm getting phone call from Paul O'Neill. Saying hey you know we got a hit in America and I hung out front again shall we go. I'm freezing to death in Dusseldorf and it's normal we have hit it radio. You know LS UC it's valid case if so if you really don't know to be true. I just knew that he was really excited. So by the time we got back in between the states it was at number one requested song and America. And like you guys should just say it it caught everybody off guard there's nobody ever heard anything like that war. And that was a real testament to the Arctic formula created you know he always told me he's back in the early days just worry about making great art everything else follows suit. And that one song just slid up American and then the rest of the world and it's hasn't stopped in almost 23 years now. So weird gearing up its gonna be at ORACLE Arena November 30 the trans Siberian orchestra. What exactly can we expect. Wolf for the folks who have seen this before we actually considered them to repeat offenders. They you'll have to familiarity of Paul hill's rock opera the ghost or secede. But that's the only money part of the show every year we've tried to upped the ante as far as more productions. How we change. The front of the show musically in the back initial musically so there's something familiar something Brando. Folks who never seen us before it a chance said the bigger truck roll. Show on the planet. It's but baskets at a point where we have. It's all so much Ireland so much who played so many lasers and trust movements choreographed to like Mozart saw what it was simply your Beethoven's fifth. Yet something has been committed as the sole acoustic guitar and vocal weaker European dropped a new audience. So there's something for everybody musically. And if you're seeing plex theater productions. You know it is basically like a rock opera or they actually Lloyd Webber as Broadway play bring brought to life in the arena stage. Now it's always been a dream of mine to go and see you guys have never been to a concert I'm always working in Iran is doing something when he gets him into the town and amend. This hero making integration I am going this year I'll ask you guys. Get a finally be something I don't. It's I I think everybody wants ago doesn't wanna go and see something like this and I love the fact that you guys donates. Money from every ticket sold to charity. Koppel thank you say that but it's actually been folks in your community giving back to themselves one dollar from every ticket that they buy. Goes back into your community. We're just trying to attack people on the shoulder or remind them you know it's the holidays. And if we could change the world with dollar at a time missile at a time they'll be able to try to make it better planet. You know we just wanted to bring it to everybody's attention that there are a lot of people out there who much less fortunate. And everybody needs help around the holidays and everybody missed something here have dollars. Al thank you so much for taking the time to talk of this transcend mere nursery guitarist music director original member of the trans Siberian orchestra go see the 2070 winter tour the ghosts of Christmas Eve the rock Albert happening at ORACLE Arena November 30. You can see them and you can win tickets and KOA T dot com slash contest out thank you so much for take your time this. Graduate with a thank you so very much so cassette.