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Sunday, January 8th


Host Sue Hall speaks with Kirsten Komoroske, Executive Director of the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco's Presidio and the many educational programs they offer

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Good morning I'm sue Paul and this is today's world. Just reminder you can listen to this show and others at today's world S aft dot com and two for the next fifteen minutes we are speaking with purist and come rush scheme. Who is the executive director of the Walt Disney family museum here in San Francisco and the Presidio welcome thank you thanks for having me and how long have you been part of the museum. I have been at the museum three and a half years reared to seven years old soup. But half the time it's gonna happen while I have to full disclose here because I'm a huge fan huge fan of the museum on the member and I was that the media preview. And actually got a chance sent back seven years ago when it opened to meet Diane Disney Miller. Which was such a thrill and her son which would have been balls Branson and his and his name also Walt it is it's Walter alliance Disney Miller a home and so. I didn't have really get to speak with them that they were there act at the grand opening so imagine what a thrill. So let's set talk about the history Diane Disney Miller obviously her intensity is very close family friend from what I've researched and and known. How while also had an adopted daughter as well and they were very very close but let's get a little history of why San Francisco and and the museum itself so after the. Family left Los Angeles in the mid eighties they really made their home here in the Bay Area. They have a place here in San Francisco and they also on Silverado vineyards in Napa so. And this really became their home so that's at that a lot of people don't know that they think why San Francisco and it kind of had a little bit of a stealth opening act I want to say I don't know that for a fact I'm just saying personally because it not a lot of people know about it that's great game word hasn't been fully gotten out even now seven years later. But it's catching on I think a lot more people are aware of it that we still. Want people can learn that there's since these jamming right here and say it's an amazing museum for anybody who is anything about Disney it's Sam. It's fastening it lets tell the story of how tight and you know sort of saved all the stuff and where was captain and white presidium. Says they had a warehouse down in Los Angeles and Waltz Oscars his miniature collections some of his memorabilia. Was stored down there and they decided to move it up here since this is renting a few lived and they made their home. Soon they chose the Presidio as. Storage site for this memorabilia. And as time went on they realize that they want the public has access to this to see these amazing part of Walt's life. And soon they started to look around for a place how of the museum and they looked in Los Angeles sustained in the in the midwest. But. Ultimately decided that they are very happy in the Presidio. And that did. This is where at the museum should be says it's in that it's on the main parade ground in an old barracks building right and I remember watching the renovation and they did an amazing renovations let's talk about that a little bit it's a challenge in the presidium because it's historic and you have to maintain the historic integrity of those buildings. And so it is a very difficult process. To build something modern Indian historic building. But ultimately I think gives a huge success how many galleries if you will are they are there in the museum two in the main museum there are ten calories it's 40000 square feet and one thing people don't realize they think they're going into a little museum. The average visit is three hours who we also have a separate building with seeds and Justine Miller special exhibition hall where we mount major exhibition once a year. Less for six months we open in May close in January. And I was gonna ask is that I like art exhibit what kind of exit yeah I assume they've ranged we have one on Tyrus long in 2013. Tyrus. Just died at a 106 years old. And user responsible for the look and feel of Bambi. It is really important to dying and she honored the artists that worked with her father. Soon and we did on Mary Blair it was another. Really influential artists in the studio. One of Walt favorite artists. We did on the relationship between solider Conley and Disney they had a friendship that you worked on on. A project together. Which didn't ultimately end up getting made that but that collaboration with varying interest thing. And right now we have an exhibition on Pinocchio the making of Pinocchio what went into it that's up through January 9. So we're speaking with pictures and calmer ASCII act upon pronouncing that right executive director of the Walt Disney family museum that is located. In San Francisco in the Presidio. The renovation took years years I remember watching but the views are stunning. We have the best you in the Presidio probably from. Someone an art galleries you can look right now at the drainage it's that iconic view right from the museum it's it's. A very and specials even technically am modern. Place to be and while of course was an innovator while Disney I'm speaking millennium don't just throw that name up there casually. An innovator in his own right I mean what division near from way back they people don't realize that movie's likes Snow White or. We made in the thirties in the 1930s and you know and generations and generations of people. Three world war two Lott had a very interesting. Period and talk about that a little bit SO during morals were a few what actually was asked. Buying FDR to go down to use South America. The goodwill tour. And when he came back the the troops had taken over the studio they needed space it was near Lockheed down and in Southern California. So he actually opened this studio lot to the troops during ruled RT. And he committed himself to supporting the war effort being made. And numerous films how old propaganda phones and educational for homes. And they also committed annie's sold you ask for an insignia his artists would provide that to them soon. There are many insignia and made it in the studio during the war. And the behind the scenes animators now I know that you have a lot of educational programs and that focus some of the lesser known names everybody knows Walt Disney but let's talk about some of I know that's currently in that our upcoming there are few special people of meal that are still around that whereabouts artists that he really loved yes there are and then we feature programs. Wide variety of programs that we do you have people like cruelly cramp who worked with Walt. There's documentary being released on early and we'll have a program at the museum. I'm really crime a bunker. He jokes and everything that moves in Disneyland he is something that he created. So there's document also on bunker that will be released and have a program with use use dynamite he's wonderful very worth seeing. I assume we we do try on those people who who worked closely with walls. What sort of outreach educational programs do you have a museum and education is core to what we're doing at the museum it's very important to us as important Diane it's important to meet the board. And sue we have various educational. Initiatives. We have we'd like to reach a title one schools and provide transportation to the museums is able to come. Enjoy our educational offerings we go out to schools in the community. And then we have classes we have summer camps. On animation. Drying out there. Other disciplines. In the we have public programs for all ages. I wanna say that it's just as much fun for adults. As end it is for children probably. More so for adults and especially younger kids so if you think you're gonna go into like a Disneyland kind of a thing that's not exactly what's happening it's. It's historical. It's so full of amazing artifacts. I'd like I said I've been so many times and I still haven't seen everything. And the average visit as you mentioned just three hours and there's a lot of information I think I am probably had a similar vision terrifies when he created using land. He won it to be a place where children. And adults can enjoy themselves and I I think you're absolutely right there's something there for every for everybody. How we are speaking with your stint calmer ASCII she is the executive director of the Walt Disney family museum located in the Presidio. When you walked in and I don't wanna give it all away 'cause I want people ago but when you walked in. It's an amazing array of all of the awards that Walt and Walt Disney in the Disney company have. Received over the years GA how many are in there their about two and a fifty awards that are on display in the in the lobby when you first why can you describe. But he he won a approximately thousand awards and it's only a fraction. His award and the coolest one I think everybody talks about are the the Oscars for Snow White and the seven doors there are seven little Oscars there for. Representing the seven dorks it's the sweetest thing yeah attorney only odd ball Oscars that they ever allowed and Shirley Temple actually presented it to Walt Disney and how sweet. I am so what can people look for when they go to museum other than I am the awards I'd without giving too much way I do love there's Al full replica. Disneyland and one of the galleries on that. That's and I favorite so that's it's about twelve feet and that the museum actually about it fabricated it was. Made by the same people on who that make them models for Star Wars. And at two the year to build and it's. Encompasses. The traction through news the late sixties financially through some that are there are some aren't some that were in the wolf imagination. And there are original rides there's an original car from the October Pia ride that sit there and there's and there's just there's. Remnants of his television work that he did. A whole gallery on the Disney show that we younger up and see for myself Sunday night's. Wonderful world of Disney was go two and a must every Sunday night until so and then the other sweet thing is at the end all the tributes to Walt. And his life to top talent that'll bring it to Diane didn't want it goes Collins. He threw his life so obviously it and the fees is passing in 1966. But she didn't want it and on a sad note. And so there's a reflection room there. Arched screens and there it's a lot of the imagery of Walt of his films of his work. And then some tribute from various people what's your favorite thing it's museum. I'm above that train ride up from the first floor to the second floor of the chain that Walt Turkish back in his twenties when he. He left the midwest to come out to Hollywood for the first time. And he talks about having failed. And that's big in big component of the museum Diane wanted people to know that wall face many challenges and many severe failures. But he persevered. And that's which you want people to take away from it so that on the train ride his voice switches throughout the museum it's one of our most valuable assets really is Walt voice. He says that he thinks it's important have a good heart failure when you're young. And he really so bounce back with Mortimer mouse correct. Was that his bounce back or was that a failure first while also Oswald the lucky rabbit out as planned his first characters and he essentially signed and bad deal news and it was taken away from him back. He said that's fine and moving China and that's what inspired him to create Mickey Mouse yeah. Mortimer first and then her and I wasn't at his wife has said that doesn't plan. Margaret Court but then it's a with Mickey and it all started with a mouse. That Ulster with the mouse and if you go to Disneyland you can see some of those retro things to the history of allotment. Right here at our very backyard is this special jam and I'm so excited to share with everybody and I'm so happy that. Kristin you're here with us executive director of the museum no let's talk about your position. You are awesome member of the board and and you said there something unique about that says that worries me. You know the family members and Diane has been on Miller who's an amazing man he was a CEO that Walt Disney company. And worked with Wal-Mart the company for thirty years. He's the chair of the board and then they have seven children four of them are on the board and into their grandchildren. So it it's a wonderful Finley poured their varying. Very passionate about the museum and you can tell and you are the only non family memories that that's right about. How is that. It's a privilege and I would imagine. What ad in the last two minutes here what would you like to share may be a little known fact about the museum or what would you like to share with our listeners. About about being a part of that. Well I think at it's interesting is that you know it is as you've touched upon. The state of the art technology either 200 monitors. In the museum. And Deng and very much wine wanted it to be cutting its hand I think Walt would be. Extremely proud of the museum and would like the historic component. And it too. And do you plan on any upgrades Armenia contact technologies constantly changing so that's one of the challenges. That's absolutely something that's part of our budgeting process. Constantly upgrade and staying at the forefront of technology and we're in a perfect place he did a year in Silicon Valley. We can't support from from the tech companies in staying ahead of the curve. We are speaking with Kristen comer husky she is the executive director of the Walt Disney family museum is their web site we can send people to get its Walt Disney dot org. That's pretty easy Walt Disney dot org. Check out that the museum on the website and then please go and membership let's briefly touch on that yet we have membership. Available and it's actually it really good deal if you're gonna come more than once again with you get other benefits it. Previews for the upcoming programs exhibitions. And in at certain novels you get access fees special event. I encourage you to go to the Walt Disney family museum bring the kids bring the family bring people from out of town it is the coolest little gem and we got to spread the word that this is delivered right here in our Presidio. Are. I'm is that thank you so much Kristen comer a ski executive director of the Walt Disney family museum. My name is sue Paula this is today's world and if you wanna hear this show past shows are you have so ideas I would love to hear from you can visit us at today's world SF. Dot com and we will be back next weekend thank you Kirsten thanks for having me.