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Amanda Sun: Join 96.5 KOIT morning show host Kristen Flowers as she interviews Young Adult fiction writers. As an aspiring writer herself, Kristen will take these authors away from their laptops to talk about the craft of writing. Each episode will cover their personal journey creating their books, the publishing industry and their advice for you.

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#4 Amanda Sun

Friday, June 23rd
Author of the INK series and her latest book HEIR TO THE SKY. A lover of all things Japan, cosplay and Archaeology. Amanda offers her advice for those who...

#3 Shannon Foy

Thursday, June 15th
Shannon Foy: Debut author of INBETWEEN: THE NOVEL. Lover of vampires, musical theatre and anything crafty. She self-published her novel vis crowd-funding and...

#2 Chelsea Sedoti

Wednesday, June 14th
Chelsea Sedoti: Debute author of THE HUNDRED LIES OF LIZZIE LOVETT and the upcoming book AS YOU WISH. Known for her unique character voices, she explains her...

#1 Danielle Vega

Wednesday, June 14th
Danielle Vega: Author of the THE MERCILESS and SURVIVE THE NIGHT, BURNING and her new book, BREAKING. With her expertise in publishing, she explains how a love...