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Join 96.5 KOIT morning show host Kristen Flowers as she interviews Young Adult fiction writers. As an aspiring writer herself, Kristen will take these authors away from their laptops to talk about the craft of writing. Each episode will cover their personal journey creating their books, the publishing industry and their advice for you.

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#9 J.R. Johansson

Friday, August 18th
J.R. Johansson: Author of THE NIGHT WALKERS series, CUT ME FREE and THE ROW. She gives us her revision secrets and tells us how she built her fanbase at local...

#8 Christina Farley

Friday, August 11th
Christina Farley: Author of the GILDED series and PRINCESS AND THE PAGE. She tells me how teaching English overseas led to her career as a writer. She also...

#7 A.B. Westrick

Friday, July 28th
A.B. Westrick: Author of BROTHERHOOD. We talk about diversity in YA and if writing a character that's outside of your race and gender should be allowed. A.B...

#6 Amy Ewing

Friday, July 21st
Amy Ewing: Author of THE JEWEL series. We talk about our acting backgrounds and how it led us to writing. She also tells us how her laziness led to her book...

#5 Mindy McGinnis

Friday, July 14th
Mindy McGinnis: Author of A MADNESS SO DISCREET as well as several other books. We talk about rejection in writing, her podcast and how it's going and we bond...

#4 Amanda Sun

Friday, June 23rd
Author of the INK series and her latest book HEIR TO THE SKY. A lover of all things Japan, cosplay and Archaeology. Amanda offers her advice for those who...