Mic'd & Married

Married morning show Nick & Kristen dive into what’s trending in the world and in their lives.

Nick & Kristen have a ton of things to talk about but don't have enough time to get to everything during their morning show from 5:30am - 10:am on 96.5 KOIT in San Francisco. So, they created this podcast to discuss what’s trending in the world and in their lives.  

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Society & Culture


#46 Boy Boy Boy Bands!

Monday, June 26th
Podcasting live from our KOIT studios! Which boy band can be considered the greatest boy band of all time and why? Plus we talk about the activities people...

#47 The Perfect Storm

Monday, June 26th
Over the weekend we attended the Opera for the first time and saw La Boheme...but what we didn't know was there was a storm brewing and it's first victim was...

#45 Burned & Broken

Thursday, June 22nd
We are just a disaster when you see us walking around. We both got suburned while out at lunch yesterday and Nick refuses to go to the doctor despite everyone...

#44 The Hallway Pacer

Wednesday, June 21st
Every day...at the exact same time...a man walks by our studio window over and over and OVER again while talking on the phone. Nick has finally reached his...

#43 What Does "C" Stand For?

Tuesday, June 20th
Nicks sister and her girlfriend are coming up from southern California for the weekend and we STILL don't know what her name is and we don't know what to do...

#42 Mickey D's in Oakland

Monday, June 19th
We are back from our vacation and we almost died on the mountain on the way up there. Kristen's rich aunt is in town and wants to take us to lunch but we are...