Nick & Kristen on 96.5 KOIT

Married morning show Nick & Kristen dive into what’s trending in the world and in their lives.

Nick & Kristen have a ton of things to talk about but don't have enough time to get to everything during their morning show from 5:30am - 10:am on 96.5 KOIT in San Francisco. So, they created this podcast to discuss what’s trending in the world and in their lives.  

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#79 Total Eclipse Of The SUN!

Monday, August 21st
We discuss the eclipse as well as Kristen's brother and the latest about his wedding possibly being cancelled. We discuss our possible ancestry and Nick is...

#77 The Best Around

Thursday, August 17th
Kristens friend does something weird to her cats, the slowest prison break out ever, American Idol may be in trouble and we tell you our most BAD A** moments...

#76 Bunch 'O Liars!

Wednesday, August 16th
Everyone is a liar on todays podcast! We lie about being busy to get out of a meeting and a popular celebrity has been lieing about what he sounds like. Plus...

#75 Cure For Lonliness

Tuesday, August 15th
We discuss the new trend of crotch jewelry and why men are buying sex dolls. Plus we ask if you would ever fly in a plane without pilots and todays...

#74 Bad On Paper

Friday, August 11th
The girl at Starbucks knows our order and Kristen wants to ban us from going now. Plus Kristen says that I look "bad on paper" whatever that means. We...

#73 Pizza Snob

Thursday, August 10th
Nick is never happy when we eat pizza so we find out why. Plus there is a butt poker on Big Brother so we call a friend to explain it to us. Is there a way...