Nick & Kristen on 96.5 KOIT

Married morning show Nick & Kristen dive into what’s trending in the world and in their lives.

Nick & Kristen have a ton of things to talk about but don't have enough time to get to everything during their morning show from 5:30am - 10:am on 96.5 KOIT in San Francisco. So, they created this podcast to discuss what’s trending in the world and in their lives.  

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#103 Dinner Table, Schminner Fable

Tuesday, October 10th
We talk to a friend who had to evacuate from the fires in Napa this morning. Plus we discuss the new trailer for The Last Jedi, why Kristen and JJ Watt have...

#102 I Wasn't Starting Yet!

Monday, October 9th
Kristen was caught shame eating in the elevator this morning and she blames Nick for it. We give an update on the Napa fires, take a deep dive into our...

#101 Fiesta Five!

Friday, October 6th
We have been waiting 3 years to use something called a Fiesta Five and we finally get to use it today on our Live Podcast. Plus we discuss Cam Newton and the...

#99 Rocket Man Or Woman

Friday, September 29th
Elon Musk wants to fly people around the world via rocket, a fancy beard helps FBI catch a criminal, we tell you our most adventurous stories and Hocus Pocus...

#98 Baby Tooth Necklace

Thursday, September 28th
We discuss the real reason for Playboy magazine and talk about Hugh Hefners legacy. Plus we take a deep dive about what you would do with your last year on...