Nick & Kristen on 96.5 KOIT

Married morning show Nick & Kristen dive into what’s trending in the world and in their lives.

Nick & Kristen have a ton of things to talk about but don't have enough time to get to everything during their morning show from 5:30am - 10:am on 96.5 KOIT in San Francisco. So, they created this podcast to discuss what’s trending in the world and in their lives.  

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#71 Return Of The Fat Jedi?

Tuesday, August 8th
We are going to San Francisco Comic-Con in September and we need to start planning our costumes! Plus a woman may have the worst passport photo of all time, we...

#70 Making A Serial Killer

Monday, August 7th
The person we sat next to on a plane MAY been a serial killer, we almost kill our cat Gilligan (no seriously) while we on vacation. Plus Nick is apparently...

#68 Cheesecake Newsletter

Monday, July 31st
Kristen's dreams came true yesterday because it was National Cheesecake day! A new company wants to get you the best deal on a car, why did the Emoji Movie...

# 67 Bridesmaid Auction

Friday, July 28th
Another live version of our podcast. We go live every Friday on Facebook on 96.5 KOIT! A bride is auctioning of her bridesmaid positions to the highest bidder...

#66 Twenty Million Bloodsuckers

Wednesday, July 26th
Why are they releasing 20 Million mosquitoes in Fresno? Plus does cleavage give you power and we explain the whole Justin Bieber quitting his tour thing in Too...

#65 Gimme Gimme Gimme!

Tuesday, July 25th
Kristen's brother is back and wants to know how much are her parents going to contribute to the wedding, We sum up the story about microchipping employees and...