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Taste of the Bay

Sunday, February 26th
Sue Hall Speaks with Tracy Porras, Director of Communications for Taste Of The Bay, A fundraiser for San Francisco State's Hospitality, Tourism and Management...

SFFCPF Art of Fire

Sunday, February 19th
Sue Hall speaks with former SF Fire Dept. Captain Tony Stefani about the SF Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation Gala The Art of Fire March 4

Am Heart Assoc

Sunday, February 12th
February is National Heart Month! Sue Hall talks with ladies who are partaking in the GO RED Campaign and Better U.

LLS Blood Center Conf Feb 4 2017

Sunday, January 29th
Host Sue Hall takls with Lukeumia and Lymphoma Society's Lauren Hall About the Blood Center Conference and resources for patients. Feb 4, 2017

American Heart Association

Sunday, January 22nd
Sue Hall talks with Ginaville Villanueva and Matiana Barrera with the Am Heart Assoc Go Red for Woman and Better U campaign. February is National Heart month...