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Ready for a new week.

Today's trivia question:

Q: What was the first cartoon character to have been made into a balloon for a parade?

A: Felix the Cat

Speaking of cats. We put up our Christmas tree up over the weekend, and to our two cats, it's nothing but an eight foot cat toy. And answer me this. How come we leave bowls of fresh water all over the house, but the cats can only see fit to drink out of the Christmas tree stand and/or the toilet?  I know, I know. Keep the lids down. Thus another waste of perfectly good blog space.

We feel for the people charged with distributing toys to needy kids this Christmas. Their work had been made more difficult by all the toy recalls over the last year. Volunteer Karen Boyd,  who purchases toys for a toy drive in Kansas City, bought over three thousand toys when they were on sale last Spring. Now she and her crew have the daunting task of combing through all the toys to weed out those that have since been recalled. If you're planning on donating a toy that you have purchased a while ago, that Marines' Toys for Tots campaign has a website you can check for recalled items. www.toysfortots.org.

What else can go wrong? First there was spilled bunker oil, then the weather. High winds kept most crab fisherpeople of the water over the weekend. We hope they were able to get out this morning. Crabbers are still holding out hope that they'll be able to make up for the loss of business over Thanksgiving. We hope so too.

12/03/2007 7:47AM
Ready for a new week.
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12/12/2007 6:00AM
I have always heard that the water under the tree is also toxic to cats and dogs. I don't think it is serious, but definately can cause stomach upset. A couple of years ago say 2003 or 2004 you had a kitten that was having litter box issues and I recommended you have one litter box per cat. Did you ever solve this issue, and do you still have him?
12/14/2007 8:03AM
Hi! The cat with the, um, problem just over it with the passage time. Thanks for asking!
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