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Today's trivia:

Q: The Five Dimensions, Hoochie Coochie Men, Steampacket and Shotgun Express are all groups that once had who as a member?

A: Rod Stewart (63 today)

On Tuesday February 5th California, along with 23 other states, will hold primaries. That's why they're calling it Super-Duper Tuesday. Here in the Bay Area, county election offices are trying to find enough people to staff polling places. Santa Clara County needs at least 1000 people to work the polling places. There are incentives. For example, if you're an employee of the State of California you're allowed to take time off, without loss of pay, to serve as a poll worker on election day.

The state also has a student poll worker program. In order to be eligible to be appointed as a student poll worker you need to be a US citizen, at least 16, a high school student with at least a  2.5 GPA.

01/10/2008 7:09AM
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