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Today’s trivia:


Q: The oldest recipe ever found is over 6000 years old. It was for…


A:….beer  Even back then they had their priorities right.



My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Black & White Ball Saturday night, though we didn’t stay for the “Midnight Surprise”.  The “surprise” for me would have been my still being awake at midnight. But we both enjoyed listening to Blues Traveler, and dancing to Big Bang Beat. But I think my fave is still Dick Bright and his SRO Orchestra. I’m amazed at how they’ve evolved over the years. What I learned at the first B&W Ball I attended 20 years ago, was to wear comfortable shoes. I did just that. So, along with my tux, I wore an (almost) new pair of white Reebok Club C’s. More compliments on the sneaks than the tux.


Do you realize that, since December, eight airlines have stopped flying? Well, it’s because fuel costs have almost tripled in the last seven years. Some of the tricks that the surviving airlines are trying in order to reduce weight, and thus fuel costs: reducing the amount of water they carry on board to the absolute minimum, flying slower, washing planes more frequently to cut down on drag, and using lighter weight table settings in first class. On airline official even suggested that there might be a time when there would be two scales at check-in..one to weight your suitcase, and one to weigh YOU. A heavier YOU means a heavier ticket price. Yes, that should nicely streamline the already zippy check-in process.


Did you hear the one about the cow that blocked westbound 24 east of the Caldecott yesterday? Don’t wait for a punch line. There isn’t any. As you might have heard on the KOIT More Music Morning Show this morning,  CHP closed westbound 24 for about an hour late yesterday morning as they guided the bovine to safety. They think that this is the same cow that wandered onto the freeway around 9 Sunday night. The cow’s owner has promised to check his fences. Yes, this would be a good idea.



06/04/2008 8:00AM
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