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Today’s trivia:


Q: In 2007, what was the favorite snack of kids under 6?


A: Fruit


Twenty years ago it was cookies And here’s more good news….kids these days are less likely to drink soda and eat sugary snacks than they were 20 years ago. While the obesity rate among kids is still high, it’s leveling off.


California tomato growers are worried that sales will hit the skids because of the salmonella scare. Please get the word out…if the tomatoes were grown in California, there’s no need to worry. My wife got an earful from one of the farmers at our local farmers market yesterday who felt that the media weren’t emphasizing the fact that California (and Florida) grown tomatoes were perfectly safe and delicious to consume. Point well taken. So if you’ll be hitting a Bay Area farmer’s market sometime soon, pick up a couple pounds. Pass it on.


We’re only a few weeks away from the “hands free while driving” cell phone law going into effect in California. Starting July 1st you’ll be subject to a fine if you’re caught holding a phone while driving. As far as hands free devices for your cell phone go, there are plenty of choices. There are the wireless earpieces that pair with your cell phone using your phone’s Bluetooth technology. Then there are earpieces that actually plug into your phone. There’s a third choice, and it’s one that  I’ve been using for about a month, and I love it. It’s a speakerphone for your car, and clips to the sun visor. It’s called the Supertooth, and it’s made by Australia’s Blueant. When you get in the car it detects the presence of your cell phone’s Bluetooth signal, even if your phone’s in your pocket or purse. In fact anywhere within 30 feet.  When someone calls you, the Supertooth will beep, and you just push a button on it to answer. If your phone has voice activation, you can use voice commands to dial numbers if you absolutely MUST make a call while you’re driving. Our Lisa Daley uses, and likes, a similar device from Jabra which she picked up at Costco. I found the Supertooth on Amazon.


As long as we’re in the car, let’s talk about gas prices. Let’s not. Let’s talk about water.


If you think the bottled water craze has gotten silly, just wait. There’s more. In the July issue of Consumer Reports I saw a bottled, fortified water for dogs called…wait for it….FortiFido. There’s also a water for humans that’s been enhanced with “positive thoughts” to “raise consciousness in humanity”. It’s called Aquamantra. You’ll feel the stress drain from your body as the cash drains from your wallet.






06/11/2008 6:47AM
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