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Today’s Trivia:


Q: What percentage of cotton candy is air?


A:  About 80 percent

This morning’s trivia winner, Jane Martin of Morgan Hill, was a cotton candy maker for several summers at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Jane said that she’d go home at the end of the day covered with the other 20 percent….sugar.


How mad are people getting over the price of gas? Pretty mad, and there’s a name for it. It’s gas rage, and it’s getting so bad that some gas station workers actually fear for their lives. It’s especially bad in Southern California where gas station workers take a “buddy” when they go out to change the price on the signs…which can happen more than once a day.  Fact is the profit margin for gas station owners is extremely narrow, so the rage is being misdirected.


From our “What on Earth are they thinking?” Dept.  The cost of gas is getting more and more people on bicycles. It’s a great idea, but we’re starting to see more and more bikes on the road.  Now, Bay Area bike riders are required by law to obey the same rules obeyed by drivers. That would mean stopping at stop signs and lights, among other things. With more bikes out there, you’d think that following the rules would be a good idea, right?  Well the Metropolitan Transportation Commission doesn’t seem to think so. In fact tomorrow night, the MTC will kick around the notion of allowing bike riders to roll through stop signs, and travel through red lights after halting.  C’mon, what could possibly go wrong?


OK, one more gasoline story, then that’s it. Atlanta area cops are adding a gasoline surcharge to the fines issued to moving violators. Now that makes sense.


06/18/2008 6:29AM
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