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Today's trivia on KOIT :

Q: What snack food was named simply by taking a name out of the phone book?

A: Pringles

The inventor of the Pringles container,  Fredric Bauer, passed away a few months ago. At his request, his remains were cremated, and the ashes buried in a Pringles tube. No joke.

Wow. After the thrill of the Olympics, it's the agony of the conventions. Normally, I'm a political junkie. But this year....well, I can't wait until it's over. The election, that is.  It'll be Obama/Biden for me. I'm sorry the Olympic Games are over. Almost as sorry as the suits must be at NBC. The games were a ratings bonanza for the peacock, taking eight of the top ten ratings slots last week. Not to worry. The Winter Games start again in 18 months in Vancouver. NBC again.

Did you like to invent recipes when you were a kid?  Well, it's been pretty hot where we live in Hooterville the last couple of days. Our eleven year old, Jordan, came in from the heat the other day with his buddy Aaron, and then proceeded to concoct an original smoothie. Here it is: bananas, grapes, strawberries, ginger ale.  Aaron came up with the bright idea of tossing in a few shakes of hot sauce. They liked it. No, I didn't try it.

08/27/2008 4:46AM
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