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Today's trivia on KOIT

Q: In which state is it illegal to fall asleep under a hair dryer?

A: Florida.  The owner of the salon can also be fined. This is serious stuff, this falling asleep under a hair dryer business.

Where in the US are the country's most generous tippers? 'Turns out it's Philadelphia, with Philly diners tipping an average 19.6 percent, which seems about right if the service is good. Honolulu is at the bottom of the list with an average of 18 percent. San Francisco was 27th with 18.4 percent. If the service is good, I'm good for 20 percent. Did you ever wait tables? Me? Never. I'd be fired in a heartbeat. Waiters and waitresses have their own website where they can rant about customers who've given them trouble. In fact it's www.waiterrant.net . Some amazing stories there.

Parts of the Embarcadero in San Francisco will be closed Sunday morning from 9 to 1, as part of Mayor Newsom's "Sunday Streets" program. So the Embarcadero will open up to biking, walking, jogging and other stuff. Lots of kid's activities, like getting to run the bases at AT&T Park. New York, Portland and Tokyo, among others, have a similar program in place. San Francisco will try it again in September. Try www.sundaystreetssf.com for more info.

Imagine that. When I called the phone company yesterday to upgrade our home phone service, there was no hold time, and the entire transaction was wrapped up in about 2 minutes. But when I told them I wanted to disconnect our Internet service (we're now on MUCH faster cable Internet service), I was transferred to another department, put on hold for over half an hour, then got a recording telling me that the office was closed. So, they get to charge me for another day of 'Net service we don't want or need. Yes, imagine that.

08/28/2008 4:55AM
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