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Ouch! Don't forget. An extra buck to cross the Golden Gate starting today. Six dollars now, and five bucks for FasTrack. Speaking of......

Here's this morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q:  What piece of safety gear was introduced for the FIRST time during construction of the GG Bridge?

A:  The hardhat, which was actually two baseball caps dipped in lacquer. Also introduced during construction, the safety net, non-glare goggles,  cream to protect the skin from the sun and wind, and a special diet to help workers fend off dizziness..dizziness that was most often associated with too much drinking the night before. True story. Look it up.

Almost twenty years ago, a previous employer of mine had the bright idea of photographing the staff in different Bay Area settngs. Why? 'Haven't a clue. Each of us was assigned two locations. I drew straws for a spot on the Stanford Campus, and ...drum roll...the the top of the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. The others seemed to be relieved that they didn't get the bridge gig. But I couldn't wait! Not married (at the time), no kids. What the heck? So in May of 1989, we set out for the eastern leg of the south tower. There, we met our photographers, a CHP officer, and a GG Bridge employee...all great guys. I took my camera along (lwaayyyy before digital), and you can see the snaps
at this link. Enjoy!

09/02/2008 6:34PM
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