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Wednesday Morning Food Trivia on KOIT

Q: How much bread does the average American consume in a year?

A: 53 pounds. Christina Hong of South SF was our winner this AM, and claims she does her part to contribute to that consumption, as do I.  I could never do the Atkins thing. Not in a million years. Why a bread question this morning?  I was inspired by an article in this morning's Chronicle food section...a huge bread spread, as it were. A handful of Bay Area Foodie Pros were asked to taste and rank some of our local sweet baguettes - thirteen in all.  The loaf I love came up the clear winner... Berkeley's Acme Bread scored 99 points out of a possible 100. I can't look at an Acme TRUCK without slobbering. Pete from Los Gatos called to tell us not to overlook Beckman's bread out of Santa Cruz. Thanks Pete. Sherry thinks Beckman's may be available at TJ's.

Clowns. Have you noticed that people either love them, or are frightened to death by them? The San Francisco Clown Conservatory Class of 2008 is engaged in a PR blitz that they hope will make clown lovers of us all. First of all, yes, there IS a San Francisco Clown Conservatory. I think that's the group that broke a record recently by stuffing 121 clowns into a BART car. Well the SFCC wanted to raise some dough (bread again) for charity. Here's their idea: A 2009 Naked Clown Calendar. Before you run away screaming, please know that the,um, sensitive parts will be covered up by things like pies and top hats, so rated G this calendar will be. Proceeds will benefit the Judy Finelli Fund. Judy's a life long clown, a co-founder of the San Francisco School for Circus Arts. In 1989 she was diagnosed with MS, and is now quadriplegic. The Judy Finelli Fund works with the MS Foundation, and provides scholarships to people with MS who want to five circus arts a try. Go
here if you'd like to buy. I think i's a great idea.

09/24/2008 5:16AM
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