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Tuesday morning trivia on KOIT

Q: How many tickets has the CHP written for driving while using a hand held cell phone?

A: about 20 thousand in the three months the law has been in effect. I figure it was a lot, but not that many, so I was amazed to read that stat in the Mercury News this AM. I think I see more drivers on cell phones now than before the law was passed.

Newsflash: At a buffet, obese people sit closer to the food. That's according to a recent Cornell University study. What other pearls did they come up with?  A  larger  percentage of "normal"  weight people, whatever that is these days, faced away from the buffet table while eating. Larger people tended to face the buffet. Oh, and if you want a more favorable body mass index, use chopsticks. Can't eat ice cream with those.

The Blue Angels blew into town this week. Today they start practices for their Fleet Week air shows this weekend. Last year I discovered the best place to watch them practice is Marina Green.
Here's a list of Fleet Week goings on.

10/07/2008 5:29AM
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