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Thursday morning trivia on KOIT:

Q: It was on this date (11/6) in 1904  that Ed Cook became the first man to.......

A:....swim for a touchdown

Here's how the story shakes out: Oklahoma blocked a Kansas punt, and the ball bounced across the Kansas end zone into a river. Oklahoma halfback Ed Cook dove into the river, recovered the ball and it was ruled a touchdown. Too bad..no instant replay back then.

Before we put the election numbers to bed for good, here are a few more figures regarding the historic balloting that took place on Tuesday. The 2008 campaign was the most expensive in our history. 5,3 billion dollars. That's the tab when you count the presidential race, all political parties, interest groups, and all House and Senate races. The bill was 4.2 billion for the 2004 race. And 71 million of us watched the returns on the tube.

I leave the house way too early for home delivery of the Chronicle to do me any good, so it's become my routine to pick one up on the way to work. That's exactly what I did Wednesday morning after the election. I also picked up a copy of the NY Times, which I do a couple times a week. I'm so glad I did. Wednesday mornings'  papers,  with the historic election results on the front pages, became collectors items by Wednesday afternoon. At Fog City News on Market Street in San Francisco, people were lined up before the newsstand opened at 8a Wed. Inside a half hour all copies of the Chron & NYT were gone. In fact, by mid-morning you couldn't   find a Chronicle anywhere. In an extremely rare move, the Chronicle actually re-started the presses to crank out an additional 35 thousand copies. You can bet I'll hang on to my Chron and the New York Times. A  commemorative copy of the Times is selling on eBay for 400 dollars.

11/06/2008 7:13AM
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