Jack Kulp

Don't hold in your sneezes. Your head'll explode!

I used to hear that all the time when I was a kid. See, I had hay fever. 'Still do. In fact it seems like my allergy season has begun to kick in,  thanks in part to our neighbor's wisteria. It's gorgeous, but it's flyin' right up my nose.

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q:  When eating a chocolate Easter bunny, what percentage of us go for the ears first?

A:  about  76%.  I'm a tail man myself. Someone actually walked around with clipboard asking people which part of the bunny they bite first?  Really?  OK. It's a job.

I don't know why, but we got on a food kick this AM on the KOIT More Music Show.  Actually I'm not surprised, because we're usually on a food kick. I discovered a new website that collects photos of food too fattening to believe...deep fried cheese steak, the meatlog, and deep fried Tootsie Roll on a stick for example. The site's called This Is Why You're Fat. Check it out here.

More foodstuffs. The Lafayette Gallery is displaying the exhibit "Food Glorious Food"...artwork with food as the centerpiece. It'll be at the gallery on Lafayette Circle through May 9th. If you go to enjoy the show, they ask that you bring a canned good for the Contra Costa Food Bank.

AT&T's offering a 100k  dollar reward for info leading to the arrest of the scoundrel(s) that slashed the fiber optic cables in the South Bay yesterday cutting land line and cell phone service in the area. The silver lining was a report from teachers saying that, because of the absence of text messaging, students were a little more focused than usual.  I <3 weekends, and I hope you have a good one. 


04/10/2009 5:19AM
Don't hold in your sneezes. Your head'll explode!
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