Jack Kulp

Hey, have you seen the remote anywhere?

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q:  What year did color televisions finally outsell black and white sets?

A:  1972.  And here's a convenient listing of the most popular shows that year.  I think our family got our first color TV circa 1965.  I was just a kid.  Up til then, on Sunday nights, my sister and I would  watch Bonanza on a color set owned by a widow  across the street. I remember, to this day, the owner didn't have a clue as to how to adjust the color. Hoss was green, but so what.  Green's a color, and we were thrilled to see it.

As long as we're on a TV jag,  George Costanza from Seinfeld called it "shrinkage". That's exactly what's happening around the country as municipalities everywhere are seeing their income from taxes and fees vaporizing. They're making up for the shrinkage by aggressively, sometimes too aggressively, issuing traffic citations to generate income.  Happened to my wife a few weeks back. 8am. A little cloudy, but day lit and dry. She gets a ticket for not having her headlights on!! The issuing officer told Kim not to worry about it. It'll only be about a 20 dollar fine, and won't go on her driving record.  When Kim got the citation in the mail..over 200 dollars! She's fighting it. But it's gotten WAY out of hand in Toledo, OH, where a little known law prohibits parking your car on an unpaved surface, including gravel. People are getting ticketed for parking their car in their very own gravel driveway.

Different subject. BART and the Contra Costa County library system have a great idea going. If you're a regular at the Pittsburg-Bay Point BART station, you've probably noticed the book lending machine that lets riders check out library books. If you use the El Cerrito Del Norte BART station you'll be happy to know that a "library a-go-go" as they call them, opened at your station today! CoCo County library employees will even be on hand to register people for library cards.

06/16/2009 5:37AM
Hey, have you seen the remote anywhere?
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