Jack Kulp

Of course it was over creative differences.....

...that Loggins & Messina split up.

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q: What year did Loggins & Messina break up?

a: 1976

And this morning's trivia winner, a disbelieving Joan Forsyth of Hayward, picked up two tickets to see the re-united L&M at the Paramount in Oakland come October.

More on the concert topic..Kim and I drove up to the Wells Fargo center in Santa Rosa a little over a week ago to see Sheryl Crow. If you ever get the chance to see her live, run, don't walk, to the box office. The venue was great too. (FREE parking, what a concept!) As her encore, she and her band played Led Zeppelin's "Rock & Roll" as I've never heard played it before. We were sorry when the song, and the concert, ended.

For my wife and I, and maybe you too, it was a week for back to school nights. Wednesday we had one at Jordan's middle school. Last night it was Andrew's high school gathering. People are probably sick of hearing me say this, but I don't care....our teachers' dedication is truly awesome. Especially when you consider that they're not supplied with what they need to teach as effectively as they'd like. They need to ask parents for money to buy paper, for crying out loud. Or in some cases, cough up the dough out of their already close-to-being-empty pockets. A scandal.

Did you know that our own Julie Shannon (Kansas State) is a college football junkie? In fact every week during football season, she's going to pick winners and losers from some of the games being played that week. Granted, the season's pretty young, but she's done pretty well so far. Check out Julie's college pigskin blog here. And, as Letterman would say, please, no wagering.

If you're planning on doing some clearing-out this weekend, don't forget we could sure use any books your kids have outgrown. Again this year, we're helping out the Bay Area Childrens Book Project with the fifth annual KOIT Kids Book Drive. Through last year's drive you donated over 10  thousand books to the BACBP, which since 1992 has put over a million books into the hand of kids who might not have access to books otherwise. You got until Sunday 9/20.  Here's more info, including drop off locations.  Thanks so much for your help, and have a great weekend!

09/11/2009 5:56AM
Of course it was over creative differences.....
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