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Your call is important to us.....(dream on)

This morning's trivia on KOIT...

Q:  What year was voicemail patented?

A: in 1979

It was invented by Gordon Mathews, who later noted  "I'm not really pleased with some of the things I see voicemail being used for today.  We didn't design this technology to annoy people, but rather make their lives easier." Thanks, but I guess it's back to drawing board, Mr. Mathews.

Any favorite new shows this season? I haven't had a chance to see many,  but I'm hooked on "Glee"  on Fox, and the new season of "Mad Men" on AMC. "Community" on NBC just hasn't been doing it for me, so bye-bye TiVo Season Pass.  I glanced at  the first few minutes of the National Parks documentary from Ken Burns on PBS, and it looks spectacular! But clocking in at 12 hours,  I'm going to have to spread it out over a month or so.  I do have to sleep, eat, help raise a family, earn a living, exercise, and Facebook every once in a while.

Danville hero Captain Chesley  "Sully" Sullenberger, who so skillfully piloted his jetliner to a safe emergency landing in New York's Hudson River last January, is heading back to work with US Airways. This leaves the door wide open for the airline to charge a "Sully" fee..... a premium levied at passengers aboard any flight with Captain Sullenberger in the cockpit.  All the airlines have surcharges on surcharges,  but that's one I'd gladly pay....in a heartbeat.

09/29/2009 5:23AM
Your call is important to us.....(dream on)
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12/13/2009 1:48AM
Cool story, did not thought reading this was going to be so cool when I saw your url!
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