Jack Kulp

Eating our way around the world....

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q:  In what country is braised carp the traditional Christmas meal?

A:  Austria, and it's served with beer sauce and gingerbread, which makes it sound just a little bit better.  In France,  crepes  &  oysters are authentic holiday fare.  In Australia, where it's early Summer during the Christmas Holiday, any kind of barbecue will do.  Wikipedia has a great list of Christmas food traditions from around the world.

I started putting the Christmas lights up around the house over this past weekend. I'm hoping to finish up this afternoon. Over the years, the decorating process has evolved into a three or four day ordeal.. I mean tradition.

But if I didn't love it so much, why on Earth would I do it to begin with? I ask myself that query every single year. And I'll ask it again next year. Here's another question I ask every year:  How does a string of lights, in perfect working order when I packed them up after last Christmas, not work so well when I unpack them the following year ? Can anyone tell me? Anyone?  Over the years I've learned to keep several new sets of the lights I use on hand in case a set decides to fail me. As much as I like Target, I really hate having to go when I'm in the middle of a project.  Except our local hardware store. I love that place. My wife loves our local farmer's market.  I love our local mom & pop hardware store.  If two consecutive weekends pass without me showing up, they call the house to make sure I'm OK.

12/02/2009 6:17AM
Eating our way around the world....
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12/14/2009 5:54AM
Jack Kulp
Hi Pat- Beautiful song, and we're playing a version by Vanessa Williams. Thanks for listening! Jack Kulp
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