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Curried WHAT?????

Today's trivia on KOIT:

Q:  Christmas dinner usually consists of rice, peas, ox tail and curried goat in what country?

A: Jamaica. Actually, Kim and I had curried goat in Jamaica about 20 years ago.  Quite tasty.  Really!  If you'd like to find out about Christmas food customs from around the world, click here.

Sweets are a Holiday tradition just about everywhere,  so cutting down on sugar's really tough this time of year....made even more difficult by the fact that sugar can take on many "aliases" on food labels.  My wife, Kim, has some ideas on how to spot those hidden sugars. Check out her blog right here.

I went to Union Square yesterday, and stopped by the flower stand at Geary and Stockton to buy some flowers for Kim, and the man who ran the stand looked so familiar, but I couldn't place him. Finally, after chatting a while, I pointed to him and said "Tucker"! (It's one of my favorite films .) He said, "...yup I was in that." His name is Al Nalbandian, and he played the jury foreman.Al He then regaled me with a load of great movie stories, including what a joy it was working with Francis Ford  Coppola while filming "Tucker".  Much of it was shot in San Francisco and Oakland. Well, twenty minutes just flew by. A real joy. If you're ever near Union Square , stop by and buy some flowers from him. Terrific guy with quite a resume, which you can see here.

Speaking of Union Square, Angela Hill of the Oakland Tribune offers some very funny tips on where to go, and how to survive a Union Square shopping trip.

12/16/2009 5:49AM
Curried WHAT?????
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