Jack Kulp

In honor of Cuddly Kitten's Day......

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q:  About how many hours a day does the average house cat sleep?

A: 16. Take our two cats out of the count, and the average would probably go down to more like 10.  Also, did you know that when a cat rubs up against you, he/she is marking you with his/her scent claiming ownership?  Oh, yes. We're owned, indeed

To the person who stole the Vietnam War memorial plaque in Concord...What on Earth are you planning to do with that? eBay it? Hang it on your wall? It was removed from a rock in Newhall Community Park, and reported missing on Saturday. If anyone has any leads, please call the Concord PD anonymous tip line. 925 603-5836

03/23/2010 5:20AM
In honor of Cuddly Kitten's Day......
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