Jack Kulp

Let the fun begin!

This morning's trivia on KOIT:

Q:  When National Baseball League first started play in 1876, how may bad pitches did it take to "walk" a batter?

A:  9 bad pitches, as opposed to 4 today.  Oh, and they weren't "batters" back then. They were called batsmen. You don't have to be a huge baseball fan to enjoy how the game has evolved. For example, if an umpire wasn't close enough to the action to make a call, he was allowed to ask the spectators, even the players, for advice! Here's a great site with plenty of examples of how the game has changed after that "first pitch".

Giants play their home opener this afternoon against the Braves. 1:35

04/09/2010 4:41AM
Let the fun begin!
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