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Wet Nose Wednesday

This week's adoptable pets:


My name is Jet but you can just call me “Lover Boy.”  Yes, I am that sweet and that affectionate.  As you can see in my video, I really love attention and I respond very enthusiastically by practically turning myself inside out when I get pets! I’m very healthy - my liver, kidney and thyroid are all in great shape according to my blood work and I’ve just had some dental work done so you don’t have to worry about my teeth – I brush and floss regularlyJ    I’m tested negative, up to date on all my shots and am neutered. So what do you think – how about having this Lover Boy “jet” into your life and stay with you? 



There’s a lot of excitement around here about the SF Giants (who are THEY?) being in some kind of big ball game (what’s that – though I do know what a ball is) and there’s someone named “Posey” who’s pretty popular. Well, THAT Posey and THIS Posey certainly have THAT in common – I’ll soon be super popular with my fluffy fur, big eyes and little white paws.  Check out my video at I’ll be ready to go home in early November once I’m neutered and microchipped. I’m already tested negative and had my first vaccines.  Oh, I have to go into a home where there is a friendly kitty or adult cat who wants to play with me – I cannot be a single kitten.  


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This month's featured organization is:

Maine Coon cats are very people-oriented and like to be near their humans. They also retain their playful personalities long into adulthood. Known for their long fluffy coats, big paws, ear tufts and “eyeliner-lined eyes,” Maine Coons enjoy petting and are wonderful companion cats.  Approximately 25 percent of the cats that Maine Coon Adoptions rescues are older and special needs, as we have a particular passion for kitties needing special care. Come see us at our next Adoption Fair, this Saturday and Sunday, November 1 and 2 from 11am-3pm at Pet Food Express, 3868 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. Please visit our website,,


Looking for a loving animal? Adopt one now from the KOIT Wet Nose Wednesday family of humane societies, animal care services and shelters. Many of them offer training, neuter/spaying services, clinics, and of course advice for the new pet owner. Find one near you!

Berkeley Animal Care Services

Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society

Contra Costa Humane Society

East Bay SPCA

Furever Animal Rescue

Hayward Animal Services Bureau

Humane Society Silicon Valley

Maine Coon Adoptions

Marin Humane Society

Mendocino Coast Humane Society

Oakland Animal Services

Palo Alto Animal Services

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA

Rocket Dog Rescue – Finds foster and forever homes for abandoned dogs

San Francisco SPCA now with TWO locations. Mission or Pacific Heights

The San Francisco Department of Animal Care and Control

San Jose Animal Care Center

Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority

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