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Maine Coon cats are known as “Dogs of the Cat World” because of their social, people-oriented personalities. Maine Coons like to be near people, retaining their playful personalities long into adulthood. Known for their long fluffy coats, big paws, ear tufts and “eyeliner-lined eyes,” Maine Coons enjoy petting and are wonderful “companion cats.” Maine Coon Adoptions (MCA) rescues Maine Coon mixes from shelters and the streets; we rescue short and medium haired kitties as well. MCA has a particular passion for older and special needs cats, and 25% of the cats that we rescue are older and special needs.  

They are “companion cats,” wanting to be in proximity to their family. Maine Coon Adoptions is an all-volunteer cat rescue organization. Our volunteer "Kitty Cuddlers" help to socialize our shyer cats by holding, petting and playing with them. We also rescue short and medium haired kitties. Please visit our website, MaineCoonAdoptions.com, for more information on becoming a Kitty Cuddler, fostering a cat, helping at our Adoption Fairs, and other volunteer opportunities.

 All of our rescued cats are fostered in the homes of our volunteers, where the cats are cared for while waiting to be adopted. We train our fosters to provide for the kitty not only physically, making certain that the kitty is healthy, but our fosters attend to their emotional needs, recognizing that many rescue animals are stressed, depressed or struggling from being in a shelter or on the street. Foster kitties begin to blossom in their foster homes and our volunteers get to know our foster cats very well.  Check out our Facebook page: facebook.com/MaineCoonAdoptions.  Learn more at MaineCoonAdoptions.com

Maine Coon Adoptions is located at

2527 Carmel St, Oakland, CA 94602

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaineCoonAdoptions/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mainecoonadopts

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mainecoonadoptions/

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This Week's Adoptable Pets

Maine Coon Adoptions: Cambria

Hi, my name is Cambria and I’m a 3-year-old female Maine Coon mix. My foster Mom says that I am an “absolute doll!”  I’m adorable, playful, love people and love sitting in laps.  I get along well with other kitties.  I need to be adopted with my friend Carly.

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Maine Coon Adoptions: Luciana

Hi, I’m LUCIANA (female) and I love petting and attention. Once I get to know you, I’ll purr when you pet me!  I have a rich coat which I love having brushed.  I have the markings of a breed of cat called a “Turkish Van”.  I was born in February 2015.

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Maine Coon Adoptions: Sasha

Hi, I’m SASHA, a female Maine Coon mix, and I love to give and receive love!  I have the fabulous looks, temperament and personality that Maine Coons are known for.  I enjoy playing, having my tummy rubbed, and just spending time with my humans. I was born in 2006.

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Hayward Animal Shelter: Jersey

Jersey is a friendly, social young pup. She loves attention and playtime. She's a bit shy when you first meet, but warms up quickly.Good with kids 8 yrs+.

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Hayward Animal Shelter: Bunita

Bunita is a spunky bun who likes to rearrange things in her kennel. She's a bit wiggly with handling, but good with people. She enjoys snacking on timothy hay and greens.

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