Wet Nose Wednesdays


Oakland Animal Services is Oakland's only "open admissions" shelter: We accept all of Oakland's homeless, injured, unwanted, lost animals. Every animal brought is welcome, regardless of age, breed, temperament, or medical condition. With the assistance of a dedicated group of volunteers and the support of the nonprofit Friends of Oakland Animal Services, we have saved the lives of more than 5,000 homeless, injured, unwanted animals. They are a city agency that provides public safety and animal welfare services.

For more Info:

Phone:  (510) 535-5601
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/OAKAnimalServices/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/oaklandsanimals

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oaklandanimalservices/



This Week's Adoptable Pets

Oakland Animal Services: Abba

Abba, an Abyssinian, is two years old. She has the feisty and independent nature of an Abbyssinian, but mixed in is the gentleness of a tabby and calico. True to her ancestral nature she will allow you to pet her when she is in the mood, but offer her a string toy and she will be all over you.

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Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA: Elsa

Elsa is a 4-year-old, 62 lb., salt and pepper spayed female Pit Bull. Having a rough day? Elsa will take your blues away! She is full of snuggles and affection! She loves attention from people, going for walks and has really good leash manners. She gets along with some other dogs and children,...

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Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA: Ralphie

Ralphie is a small, 2 year-old, spayed female tortoiseshell cat. She is a very adorable little girl who likes to take her time to get to know new people, but once she is comfortable, she will be your best friend! She loves to ask for attention and pets. She also can be very active at times and...

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Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA: Twinkie

Twinkie is an 11 year old, senior male Shih Tzu. If you are looking for an adventure buddy, Twinkie is the guy for you as he loves to run and explore the world to discover new things. Not only does he love to explore, but he also loves a good snuggle and pets as well. He just can’t get enough of...

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Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA: Nina

Nina is a large, 5-year-old female white and brown tabby cat. She is a plus size model, so she will have to remain on a good, healthy diet to slim down a few sizes. Her weight doesn’t deter snuggles though, so don’t worry. This gentle girl is a cuddle bug who wants nothing more than to be loved...

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