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Oakland Animal Services is Oakland's only "open admissions" shelter: We accept all of Oakland's homeless, injured, unwanted, lost animals. Every animal brought is welcome, regardless of age, breed, temperament, or medical condition. With the assistance of a dedicated group of volunteers and the support of the nonprofit Friends of Oakland Animal Services, we have saved the lives of more than 5,000 homeless, injured, unwanted animals. They are a city agency that provides public safety and animal welfare services.

For more Info:

Phone:  (510) 535-5601
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/OAKAnimalServices/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/oaklandsanimals

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oaklandanimalservices/



This Week's Adoptable Pets

Humane Society Silicon Valley: Frosty

Frosty is the perfect dog!  This three year old hunk has no idea he’s too big to be a lap dog - he loves to cuddle. He’s also housebroken, good with kids and chews toys (not your furniture) when he’s left home alone. He’s an American Bulldog mix. To adopt Frosty,...

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Humane Society Silicon Valley: Dream

Plus sized feline Dream really is dreamy. She’s good with other kitties, outgoing and super laid back. If you love big cats, she’s your gal. She’s two years old and at our Petco Sunnyvale NAC waiting to meet you. To adopt Dream,...

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Furry Friends Rescue: Toby

Adorable Toby was nervous and scared at the shelter. Once we took him out, he relaxed and now a a sweetie. We are not sure of his breed mix, however, he has very soft fur and short legs. He is very dog friendly and wants to play. Toby is gentle, friendly and affectionate with people. He needs...

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Furry Friends Rescue: Heidi

Heidi, Female, West Highland White Terrier Mix, 4 years
Heidi is spunky, super friendly and moderate active.  She loves playing with other dogs and gets very excited.  She is learning dog play manners.  Heidi will need lots of daily exercise, long brisk walks, social events...

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Furry Friends Rescue: Karen

Karen, Female, Terrier mix, 1 year 

Sweetie Karen is friendly and playful at her foster home with other dogs.  Outside of her home, she can be a bit shy and needs time to warm up to feel safe.  She needs an experienced guardian with...

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