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Oakland Animal Services is Oakland's only "open admissions" shelter: We accept all of Oakland's homeless, injured, unwanted, lost animals. Every animal brought is welcome, regardless of age, breed, temperament, or medical condition. With the assistance of a dedicated group of volunteers and the support of the nonprofit Friends of Oakland Animal Services, we have saved the lives of more than 5,000 homeless, injured, unwanted animals. They are a city agency that provides public safety and animal welfare services.

For more Info:

Phone:  (510) 535-5601
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/OAKAnimalServices/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/oaklandsanimals

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oaklandanimalservices/



This Week's Adoptable Pets

Furry Friends Rescue: Luke

Luke, Yorkshire Terrier Mix, Male 11 mos, 7 lbs

Cutie Luke is a GEM!  He is happy, sweet, playful, and very cuddly little pup.  Luke loves playing with other dogs and enjoys all his toys.  He enjoys his long walks and is excellent on leash.  Luke is well behaved, frienldy and would...

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Furry Friends Rescue: Aly

Aly, Pekingese Mix, Female,  2 years old, 13 lbs

Adorable Aly is spunky friendly and lovable.  She loves attention and playing with all family members and likes to chase her dog toys.
Aly is prefers people more then other dogs, thought she gets along with them.  She would love her...

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Furry Friends Rescue: Liam

Liam, Terrier / Yorkshire Terrier Mix , 6 years

Liam is charming, happy and lovable!  He loves going out for walks, car rides and cuddling with his people.
When we rescued Liam from a shelter, he was very badly neglected.  He had severe dental decay with infections....

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Furry Friends Rescue: Nellie

Nellie, LH Chihuahua / Spaniel Mix, 8 years
Nellie is a sweet, friendly, and affectionate little girl.  She loves to sit on laps, belly rubs and will do anything for a treat! Nellie gets along well with her foster home dogs but prefer to stick close to her person.  Nellie...

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Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA: Pearl

Pearl is a 4-year-old, 14 lb., female Chihuahua mix with a short, white and tan coat. She is a happy and fun little girl who always has a smile on her face. She loves people - especially the ones who give her treats - and will gladly sit in your lap for some pets and snuggles. When it comes time...

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