Wet Nose Wednesdays


Muttville’s mission is to change the way the world thinks about and treats older dogs and to create better lives for them through rescue, foster, adoption and hospice. Through associations with shelters and other animal organizations, Muttville finds senior dogs that have been given up and are not likely to find adopted homes. Through outreach and networking, Muttville finds suitable new homes for these dogs. Muttville has its own cage-free facility, housing newly rescued senior dogs while they await to be matched with foster homes. 

Humane Society Silicon Valley is located at

255 Alabama St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Muttville.Senior.Dog.Rescue/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Muttville

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/muttvillesf/

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This Week's Adoptable Pets

Maine Coon Adoptions: Matilda

Hello, my name is Matilda, and I’m a 10-year-old female Maine Coon-mix with a luxurious black coat.  I’m low-key, mellow, and will purr when you pet me.  I’m a wonderful companion kitty who gets along well with other cats, and am probably fine with dogs and children as well.  ...

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Maine Coon Adoptions: Sophie

Hello, I’m Sophie, a sweet, 10-year-old female Maine Coon-mix with brown tabby fur and a delicate face. I love being petted gently, playing with toys and looking out the window.  I enjoy being a “companion kitty” and would prefer to be the only cat in a quieter home, with no young children....

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Maine Coon Adoptions: Carly

Hi!  I’m Carly, and I am a one-year-old female.  I love playing, sitting with my family and getting pets.  My short dark fur has touches of peach, light brown and orange. I get along well with other kitties (with a proper introduction).  I need to be adopted with my friend Cambria.


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Maine Coon Adoptions: Cambria

Hi, my name is Cambria and I’m a 3-year-old female Maine Coon mix. My foster Mom says that I am an “absolute doll!”  I’m adorable, playful, love people and love sitting in laps.  I get along well with other kitties.  I need to be adopted with my friend Carly.

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Maine Coon Adoptions: Luciana

Hi, I’m LUCIANA (female) and I love petting and attention. Once I get to know you, I’ll purr when you pet me!  I have a rich coat which I love having brushed.  I have the markings of a breed of cat called a “Turkish Van”.  I was born in February 2015.

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