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Q: Raiders or 49ers? Giants or A's?

A: Nick: Family of 49er fans! For baseball, I'll jump on the Giants bandwagon. Kristen: I'm married to Nick so I'm required to like the 49ers. Since I grew up in Southern California, I was always an Angels fan but I'm ready to switch teams :) My parents are from Detroit so hockey is in our blood, so go Sharks!  

Q: Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake? 

A: Nick: Timberlake, only AFTER his ramen noodle hair phase. Kristen: Timberlake all the way! I was the biggest *NSYNC fan. I had posters all on my walls and I laminated them to make them last longer. I went to their shows and even bought the VHS tape that taught you the dance moves to some of their songs. 

Q: In a dance competition at the KOIT holiday party, who would win?

A: Nick: Not me, unless no one can beat the "lip bite & thrust" move. Kristen: Not me! I can sway and nod my head with the rest of the crowd but I'm not the girl doing the worm at the end of the night. 

Q: What were the first concerts that you attended? 

A: Nick: First concert was No Doubt & Cake. Kristen: I went to see Counting Crows. We had terrible lawn seats until some guy and his date came over and offered us some extra tickets. It was for the third row and we freaked out! It was a great show. 

Q: When/Where did you get married? How did Nick purpose? 

A: Kristen: Nick and I got married in Las Vegas at the Springs Preserves, a museum dedicated to the flora and fauna of the desert. We got married on 9-19-15 after dating six years. He proposed while we are living in Indiana. I had just gotten back from the salon and found little notes around the house leading me to the bedroom. Inside, Nick was on one knee with the ring while the words "will you marry me" were taped to my wall. After that we had Wendy's and called my parents! 

Q: Do you have any pets? If so what are their names and personality types?

A: Nick: We have 3 cats, my cat’s name isGillian because he's my "little buddy" and I'm a fat guy who sucks at skippering a tiny boat

A: Kristen: My cats names are Killer and Calie. Killer is a little brat that lives up to her name. She can be the sweetest sometimes and loves to be picked up and cuddled. Calie is the most beautiful white fluffy cat you will ever see but she’s dumb as rocks and I often find her licking walls. 

Q: You're stranded on an island and you each can only bring three items.  What are they? 

A: Nick: Bug spray because Ew, a conch shell so I can reenact lord of the flies and a Death of Superman graphic novel. Kristen: pain medication because OF COURSE I will end up hurting myself, a "How to survive a desert island" book and a mattress. Might as well be comfy while I'm waiting to get rescued. 

Q: New Year’s resolutions? 

A: Nick: Be. Less. People, do something I'll remember forever and send my mom on a trip somewhere. Kristen: Eat better and lose weight, finish writing my third novel, learn to walk again after my accident go on vacation

Q: What was your favorite subject in high school and why? 

A: Nick: Science! Although if you look at my grades in those classes they are terrible. I just like playing with stuff until it makes sense. Kristen: I went to a performing arts high school and I majored in singing and musical theatre. Choir was probably my favorite subject because we got to travel around to places like Disneyland and resort hotels, singing for people. It was always a blast. 

Q: Who is the most famous person you met? Were they cool? 

A: Nick: Probably Garth Brooks. He was the nicest celebrity I've ever talked too. Kristen: When I was a news anchor in Las Vegas, I was chosen to be part of the Presidential news pool. For an entire day, I followed around President George W. Bush. He was very kind to us and generous with his time. I also got close to Air Force One which was very cool. A few months later I interviewed Donald Trump. I asked him if he was ever planning on running for President, he told me no! Things worked out a little differently.

Q: What are your bad habits?

A: Nick: I have the memory of a gold fish! Or let's just say, I have a small attention span. I can remember the words to a song I heard 20 years ago but I can't remember what I walked into my bedroom to get. Kristen: I bite my nails, eat too much junk food and make late night Amazon purchases. I also can't stop switching my hair color. 

Q: Top 3 movies of all time? Top 3 TV shows of all time?

A: Nick: (movies) Big Fish!, Superman the Movie & A Beautiful Mind. (TV) ALF, Married with Children & How I Met Your Mother. Kristen: (movies) Kill Bill vol. 2, Guardians of the Galaxy& A stand up of Ricky Gervais. (TV) Westworld, Game of Thrones & Supernatural.

Q: Favorite stadium food? 

A: Nick: Nachos! Although they get everywhere and my hands are sticky afterwards. Kristen:Hot dogs! I never eat them unless I'm at a stadium. They are just tastier there. 

Q: What kind of phone do you own and what are your favorite apps?

A: Nick: I'm an iPhone loyal! I upgrade every year and my favorites apps are Pokémon Go, Groupon and iMovie. Kristen: IPhone 7, Nick makes sure that we always have the latest and greatest phones and if it wasn't for him I'd probably still be using my Sidekick. My favorite apps are Pinterest, Neko Atsume and Disney emoji blast. Sadly, I am really good at that last game. 

Q: Favorite breakfast cereal?

A: Nick: Honeycomb! Kristen: Lucky Charms! I eat all the cereal and leave the marsh mellows for the end. It's two or three bites of pure sugary bliss. 

Q: First CD you bought?

A: Nick: Michael Jackson - Dangerous. Kristen: TLC: Tender, Loving, Cool. It was the album with "waterfalls" on it. I'm not sure I listened to anything but that song. 

Q: Favorite vacation spot?

A: Nick: Rome was amazing when we went for our honeymoon. Kristen: Hawaii is amazing! I would love to go back there but I also would love to see more of Europe. I've done a few cruises and would love to do even more in the future. 

Q: Favorite boyband and favorite boyband song(s)?  

A: Nick: I was a Backstreet Boys kind of kid. I'd scream like a little girl when "All I Have to Give" would come on. Kristen: *NSYNC's "Its gonna be me!" Is so cheesy and poppy that it always gets me dancing. I also have a secret place in my heart for One Direction. 

Q: Best Michael Jackson song is _________

A: Nick: Best Michael Jackson song is: That's tough, I’m a HUGE MJ fan. Probably...Smooth Criminal. Kristen: "The Way You Make me Feel"

Q: Tell us something about you that people may not know:  

A: Nick: I'm currently reading my way through the entire Star Wars novel mythology, which is about 100 books. Kristen: I'm a trained crisis counselor and worked with a suicide prevention hotline for a year. Each week I would volunteer four hours and take calls from people dealing with challenges in their life. My job would to make sure they were stable and on the road to recovery by the end of the conversation. It was heavy but extremely rewarding and something I'll get back into one day. 

Q: Kristen, Nick has a serious problem with __________ .

A: … collecting! He wants to have every Superman and Star Wars item. It could be a blank piece of paper with the word "Superman" on it and he would still buy it and want to display it. I bought him a glass shelf and said he could have that to decorate, but it's already overflowing. Our garage has 35 boxes filled with Superman actions figures, posters, etc! It's so much stuff! 

Q: Nick, Kristen needs help because she ________ .

A: … she's fallen and she can't get up.