5.20.17 ARF's Animals on Broadway

The KOIT Crew spent a beautiful afternoon in Walnut Creek's Broadway Plaza to celebrate the special bond between people and their pets, with many doggie festivities and a fundraising pet walk, at ARF's 17th Animals on Broadway event.
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I started out my dog Jada on raw food this weekend. I had always wanted to since I heard about the benefits of feeding raw instead of kibble but I was hesitant because I heard it was expensive and I had no idea how to even start. Once I visited SF RAW I couldn't believe how affordable it was!...
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Critter Classic Golf Tournament

The Peninsula Humane Society presents our Critter Classic Golf Tournament’s Diamond Anniversary Celebration! Don’t miss out on our 10th Critter Classic benefiting the Hope Program! Monday May 15, 2017 Peninsula Golf & Country Club 701 Madera Drive in San Mateo This fun-filled afternoon includes...
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4.22.17 10th Annual Dogfest

96.5 KOIT spent a beautiful Saturday at the 10th Annual Dogfest, in Duboce Park, San Francisco.
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My Pet wants me to go to Las Vegas!

Summer is almost here and you need a vacation!
Contest Date Range: Saturday, May 27th 2017 9:19am - end date to be announced.

Napping In My Dog's Bed

I was so sleepy before leaving for work today that I climbed into Jada's bed where she was napping and took a nap with her. Doesn't everybody do this? LOL. My daughter took this photo of us and sent it to me when I got to KOIT. My furry daughter didn't seem to mind...well come to think of it Jada...
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Please help our friend in need.

A dear friend who works with us Renee, her parents lost their home in a fire here in the bay area and they're in great need. Her father, Earl, is a 3x recipient of the purple heart medal and is also a Vietnam Veteran. Her mother, Vicki, is a long time native of San Francisco where she used to work...
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Oregon Zoo Gets A Snow Day

The rain has hit us hard here in the Bay but a little further up it has all become snow. It got so bad that they had to shut down the Oregon Zoo. But just because people weren't allowed in didn't mean the animals there were going to sit around and do nothing. In fact, they had a bit of a break from...
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There's A Dog In My Bed!

I love my dog Jada!! She is wonderful BUT she smells lol!! Sometimes she ends up in my bed and my pillow ends up smelling like CORN CHIPS. Lol. She has skin allergies and our vet says dogs with skin issues tend to have smelly skin. I'm still figuring out her food combination which supposed to be a...
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