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by Jack Kulp posted Jul 28 2014 6:42PM
....yellow jackets. And we've been hit hard on our neighborhood. I hear it's the same way just about everywhere else in the Bay Area. This is how our trap looked around 9a, after I set it the night before. There's no love lost between yellow jackets and me. When our youngest son was about 7, he and his friend accidentally stepped on a subterranean nest in our backyard. They were instantly swarmed. Thank goodness our neighbor was close by, and was able to hose the boys down. When we got our son up to the house, I stopped counting the stings at 20. Good thing he's not allergic.
by Brent Carey posted Jul 28 2014 2:10PM
These cats are up to something. They appear to have come up with their own special language and could be plotting to take over the world. Or maybe just the yard. What do you think they're saying?

Photo credit: Blowing Puffer Fish, Flickr
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by 96.5 KOIT posted Jul 28 2014 1:40PM
Chico from Novato has been selected as the number one little dog. Take a look at the rest!

2. Chester from San Leandro

3. Sunny from Mountain View

4. Cali from Hayward

5. Hugo from San Jose

6. Lulu from San Francisco

7. Benz from Fremont

8. Mika from San Francisco

9. JJ from Fremont

10. Boss from San Bruno
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by Charly Kayle posted Jul 28 2014 6:00AM
Thanks to "vanity sizing".
Over the years, many brands have been increasing the inches in their sizes, as the general population gets larger. (Note: not more people, but bigger people.) And they aren't consistent or uniform in their changes!

When I try jeans on, I'm always amazed how one size fits perfectly in a certain brand, yet I need to size up or down in another. And some brands just don't fit my body-type at all, no matter what size I try. This chart makes sense!

Find more detail with a Top 25 Retailer List in DailyMailOnline.

Infographic credit: Jenna Josepher

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by Jack Kulp posted Jul 25 2014 4:44PM
Or is Hello Kitty suddenly big with executive types? Well, there's still plenty of summer left, so enjoy. And have a great weekend!
by Brent Carey posted Jul 25 2014 1:39PM

It's probably too hot today to dance around, but it's Friday and that's worth celebrating. I found this video compiling some of the greatest dance moments in movie history set to "The Safety Dance" from the 80's.

Very well done and see how many movies you can identify.

Photo by Jeff via Flickr

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by Teri King posted Jul 25 2014 8:00AM
Heading away for Summer Vacation! Enjoy & will be back here soon!!
by Charly Kayle posted Jul 25 2014 6:00AM
Kashi says, "Bah! Humbug!" (above)

Marco the Christmas Devil isn't any happier. (below)

That answers that. We'll save Christmas for December.

Now tell that to the retailers! laugh
by 96.5 KOIT posted Jul 25 2014 12:00AM
Roxie from San Leandro has been selected as the number one best Bay Area dog-Sports Edition! Take a look at the rest!

2. Ginger from San Francisco

3. Stewie from Vallejo

4. Maximus from San Pablo

5. Baxter from Fresno

6. Tyrone from San Leandro

7. Levi from San Francisco

8. Dottie from Fairfield

9. Calie from Concord

10. Cody from Palo Alto
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by Brent Carey posted Jul 24 2014 12:00PM
Colbie Caillat has had success with songs like "Bubbly", "Realize", and "Fallin' For You", but her new song and video are resonating with women everywhere.

"Take your makeup off/ Let your hair down/ Take a breath/ Look into the mirror at yourself/
Don't you like you?/ Cause I like you,"

The song is called "Try" and Colbie says she wrote the song after a conversation about the pressure she felt to be someone she wasn't. It sends a powerful message about feeling comfortable and beautiful in your own skin.

The video has already been viewed over 16 million times in just 2 weeks.

Photo by Justin Higuchi via Flickr
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