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Posts from August 2014
by Brent Carey posted Aug 29 2014 1:34PM

These dogs are having the time of their lives at their very own pool party! This took place at Lakeview Park in Nampa, Idaho. It's a great idea and the dogs clearly love it.

Photo Credit: Gloria, Flickr

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by Teri King posted Aug 29 2014 8:55AM

If this dog can take time to get a massage, then we can too!  Have a great weekend & take it easy this Labor Day!


by Mike Stanz posted Aug 29 2014 5:00AM
Mathew Knowles, father of Beyonce and Solange, the famous feuding siblings, says everything that’s happened with and between his daughters this summer is nothing more than a Jedi mind trick.

During an interview yesterday, PapaBey was asked about the infamous elevator fight, and about the rumors of the possible royal split of Queen Bey and Jay Z.

“Everybody’s talking about it,” he said. And sales for the On The Run Tour went up, plus Solange’s album sales increased by 200%.

All because of the Jedi mind trick.

In case you don’t know your Star Wars lore, PapaBey’s suggesting that his kids have taken over our minds, and fooled us into doing exactly what they want.

“These are not the droids we’re looking for” after all…
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by Mike Stanz posted Aug 29 2014 5:00AM
Both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the United States are being pounded by heavy surf caused by tropical storms.

To the east, Hurricane Cristobal. To the west, Tropical Storm Marie.

Both are causing much larger waves than normal, to the delight and peril of surfers and body-boarders.

Check out this video showing a large group of people on the California coast, iPhones and cameras held over their heads to capture the ocean’s fury.

And watch what happens when the ocean catches them with their pants down.

Watch more news videos | Latest from the US
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Location : California
by Mike Stanz posted Aug 29 2014 5:00AM
Here’s something none of us ever thought we’d hear. According to The Washington Post, Rob Ford, the embattled and admittedly addicted mayor of Toronto, has a decent chance of being reelected.

Let’s recap. Rob Ford has admitted to abusing drugs and alcohol. He’s been at times completely out of control while in office. He’s checked himself into rehab, emerging just a couple of months ago to pick up his campaign where he left off.

Back in June, 63% of the people in Toronto wanted him to resign. That number has dropped to about 50% - still a lot of people! – but according to the poll numbers, Ford is now just three percentage points away from the front runner.

Statistically, that’s dead even.

Amazing how he seems to be rising out of the ashes of his self-destruction.
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by Mike Stanz posted Aug 29 2014 5:00AM
Sci-fi geeks are burning up Twitter and other social media platforms with pictures of the new Doctor Doom from the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four.
Couple of questions here:
  1. Does the original Fantastic Four merit a do-over? I think not.
  2. Isn’t Doctor Doom a super villain? So why does he look like a cross between Dorothy’s Tin Man and Sir Alec Guinness’s Obi Wan Kenobi?
Take a look – maybe you’ll see something I’m missing.
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by Mike Stanz posted Aug 29 2014 5:00AM
The National Football League yesterday announced that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was being fined $8200 for taunting Houston Texans’ safety DJ Swearinger during a pre-season game.

Swearinger had been flagged for tackling Wes Welker, who ended up getting a concussion on the play.

Manning got in Swearinger’s face mask and dropped an F-bomb.

Boom. $8200. Manning says he won’t appeal the ruling.

He even called it “money well spent” according to one source.

Those aren’t pads on Manning’s shoulders. Those are major-league chips!

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by Mike Stanz posted Aug 29 2014 5:00AM
A lot of fans of Friends have been pining for a reunion show.

This week, Jimmy Kimmel made that wish come true – well, halfway anyway.

A huge fan of the show, Jimmy wrote some fan fiction, casting himself as Ross, and somehow convincing Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to perform it with him on an exact replica of the kitchen set.

It’s fun to see the ladies together – too bad the skit wasn’t a bit funnier…

by Jack Kulp posted Aug 28 2014 5:51PM
Our grocery store in town decided to remodel. Everything in a different place, all to improve my "shopping experience". It turned a quick 30 miniute shopping trip to into an hour long extravaganza.
by Brent Carey posted Aug 28 2014 2:38PM

Labor Day brings up images of hamburgers and the beginning of school which signals the coming end of summer. So if  you're hosting a family gathering, taking a trip the beach or sticking around the house,  Labor Day can also be a great time to be green.

Here are the top five tips to make your Labor Day a little more green this year:

(FROM: White Fence) 

#1 What would Labor Day weekend be without a BBQ? Here are some green BBQ tips:

#2. Prepare your home for winter – The extra time off is the perfect time to get your house ready for cooler weather. Potential projects include changing air filters, closing any vents in unused rooms, upgrading your home's insulation, installing radiant barrier, caulking windows and doors and installing a programmable thermostat.  

# 3.Use real plates – While they can be tempting, it's much easier on the earth to skip the paper and plastic plates, utensils and napkins by serving your food with reusable items. 

#4. Carpool – Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest weekends as far as traffic is concerned. Whether you're taking a trip with family or just heading over to a friend's house for a barbecue, see if you can carpool to reduce your carbon footprint. If you're hosting a party, try to arrange a carpooling scheme for your friends.

#5. Serve green food – An easy way to make your festivities more eco-friendly is by serving local, organic and seasonal food. In early September, foods in season include peppers, corn, berries, tomatoes, and onions. Shop at a farmers market to make sure your food is local and check to make sure the produce you are eyeing is organic.  

Thanks to White Fence and Just Energy for these great ideas.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Keith, Flickr

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